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Variable accessing problem.

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Hi php gurus,
I'm having a problem in accessing the values of the variable from the previous form. The previous form variable is defined below:

[code]if(isset($pstreamname)) {
                 <td valign=top align=right><tt><b>Stream Name</b></td>
                 <td valign=top><input type="text" name="streamname" size="30"><br></td>

and accessing the above variable is as below.

echo "Streamname is $streamname";

but its not echoing anything.can anyone tell me why and wht to do? I've added the error reporting also at the top.no errors,plz help.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

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You wont get any errors becuase your are suppressing them, as you have an @ symbol infront of your $_REQUEST['streamname'] variable, as seen below:
When you remove the @ symbol you may get a notice message

Also it appreas that you dont have a submit button in order to submit the form data. If you have nothing for submitting a form then your data will never be sent as you havnt told the browser to submit the form data.

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