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Converting Website to PHP

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Hi everyone,

I currently want to revamp my website before I get too far and then there be too much work for me to have a revamp.

At the moment i have some barebones on my website at [a href=\"http://www.guildwars.vipergaming.co.uk\" target=\"_blank\"]guildwars.vipergaming.co.uk[/a]
as you can see i have my header section, a small navigation section (the left side) and started on the content section (the right side)

I have been around 100's of websites and have seen some features that I would like but i have no idea how to go around doing it, hopefully this is where you come in and give me a hand.

what do I wish?[list][*]On the navigation I would like to know how to make it so it maximizes and minimizes when i click a '+' or '-' in the top right corner of the navigation header. This must be easy to add or remove entries and auto size when i add or remove entries (via code) to it[*]On the content section I would like a similar approach to what I wish for from the navigation, again I wish for it to expand and collapse, and auto size when content is being added.[/list]
Im not sure if this can be done, or if what i asked for made any sense, but if you need something clarifying then give me a shout.

I can also provide images if you require them cheers in advance

/edit: I have made an HTML version using CSS but im not sure how to make a seperate container without it breaking..

if someone can achieve what i wish for but with the html one located [a href=\"http://www.vipergaming.co.uk/BasicSite.zip\" target=\"_blank\"]HERE[/a] then go for it


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Have you actually got a question or do you just want this done for you? We dont [i]do[/i], were here to help [i]you[/i] do.

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