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i need help in php project


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I myself am quite new at this too. I'm developing a small game website. You know like an mmo. Only my mmo, is more like mo. It's not massive. I'm doing it small, maximum of 32 players.


OK so you want to develop a website. What is it that you want to develop?


any thoughts?




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well I don't think my site does all the basics



for instance I don't even use sessions, only cookies (I know bad practice). I don't do anything with headers.


Basicly it only relies on use of 3 sql tables, 1 containing the data about the players, a 2nd containing data about the territories and a third that contains messages. The first 2 tables are only updated and I never insert anything in those two, only in the table containing the messages (which I don't even update).


The attacked.php page is the biggest php page of all, with the most calculations, but the remainder is pretty basic. A simple cart site with sessions has more lines of code than what I have.


I make use of mktime() and performs calculations on values I get from the sql tables and I make use of if-else constructions and switch , but that's about it.

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all in all I have 4 css files, about 20 or so htm files and 12 php files. A php file containing no more than 200 lines of code and on average about 50 or 75 lines.


My host allows me to have lots of megabytes on his server and use of 10 databases.


I only use 1 database and the files total about 250KB in size.



so you can say my site is very small for a game site  :D

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I'm doing my site as a hobby, not as something I plan on making a living from, eventhough there's a support page that suggests otherwise.


you can see it at www.shugo.nl (registration doesn't work yet) and I'm still busy debugging it


but perhaps it will give you an idea on what you want to do for a project.



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