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mysql mess up

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Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL server host 'pugs_killmonster' (1) in /home3/pugs/public_html/connect.php on line 4
Could not connect.

Ok my database is called killmonster but it made out pugs_killmonster

4$db = mysql_connect("pugs_killmonster", "accountname", "password") 4or die("Could5 not connect.");
after more scripts...

Ok i removed the account name and password for the database as you understand.

I also tried just killmonster instead of pugs_killmonster. Help please.

Also the numbers is the line for the scirpts. So obvisally its the fourth number. So im pretty sure its screwed up with the pugs_killmonster.

Just not that it says unknown. So anyone help please XD?

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localhost is almost certainly the name you want for the MySQL server. pugs_killmonster is the database name which you'll need in a later statement after conncencting to the server.

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