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    Turns out this is even easier than I thought. My configuration has two http servers on the same machine where one is mainwebsite.com and it makes curl requests to the other which is api.mainwebsite.com . Now, I am just sending the Slim Request to Guzzle. Originally, I sent Slim's Request with its original host (mainwebsite.com), and my $_SESSION variable kept on getting deleted. I am assuming some sort of web browser or PHP security feature? Any thoughts? Why wasn't the base_uri added to \GuzzleHttp\Client's constructor not being applied? Regardless, I was able to change the host as shown below and all now works. To use less code, I am using a loop to apply the headers to the response. Think I should hard code it like $slimResponse->withHeader('header1', $guzzleResponse->getHeader('header1'))->addMoreHeaders()->thenAddStatusAndBody()? This (I think) will eliminate needing to clone all the responses, however, will will require me to have code for each Content-Type to determine which headers are returned. But maybe that is good and I shouldn't blacklist headers as I am doing but whitelist them? If this approach is acceptable, what other headers should I blacklist? Thanks public function proxy(\Slim\Http\Request $slimRequest, \Slim\Http\Response $slimResponse):\Slim\Http\Response { //Forwards Slim Request to another server and returns the updated Slim Response. $slimRequest=$slimRequest->withUri($slimRequest->getUri()->withHost($this->getHost(false))); //Change slim's host to API server! try { $httpClient = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(['base_uri' => "https://api.mainwebsite.com"]); //Will use injection, and just shown this way ease $guzzleResponse=$httpClient->send($slimRequest); $excludedHeaders=['Date', 'Server', 'X-Powered-By', 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin', 'Access-Control-Allow-Methods', 'Access-Control-Allow-Headers']; $headerArrays=array_diff_key($guzzleResponse->getHeaders(), array_flip($excludedHeaders)); foreach($headerArrays as $headerName=>$headers) { foreach($headers as $headerValue) { $slimResponse=$slimResponse->withHeader($headerName, $headerValue); } } return $slimResponse->withStatus($guzzleResponse->getStatusCode())->withBody($guzzleResponse->getBody()); } catch (\GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException $e) { if ($e->hasResponse()) { $guzzleResponse=$e->getResponse(); return $slimResponse->withStatus($guzzleResponse->getStatusCode())->withBody($guzzleResponse->getBody()); } else { return $slimResponse->withStatus(500)->write(json_encode(['message'=>'RequestException without response: '.$e->getMessage()])); } } }
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