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    Applying opacity to a div affects everything within the div, including type and nested divs. Use background opacity via rgba() to do what you're wanting: body{ background: url("https://image.ibb.co/h93Ndo/abstract.jpg") top right no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; } .body-container{ display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: stretch; align-items: stretch; background: red; color: white; min-height: 100vh; } .header{ flex-grow: 0; background: rgba(58, 152, 253, 1); } .two-cols{ flex-grow: 1; display: flex; flex-direction: row; justify-content: stretch; } .left-container{ display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: flex-start; flex-grow: 1; flex-basis: 20%; background: rgba(59, 74, 83, 1); } .content{ display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: flex-end; flex-grow: 1; flex-basis: 80%; background: rgba(255, 255, 255, .7); } Also, is there any reason why you needed to add the !important to the display rule on the .body-container div? @gizmola - apparently I'm going to need to read that article as well as I've not found float collapse to be an issue using flexbox. Or at least I've not recognized that that's what it is... Anyway - thanks for the link!
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    When you receive the form the first time (and every time after that) create an array of the 'values' that were checked. When you output the form again, as you build the html code check that array for the values that need to be re-checked and check them as they are built. easy-peasy.
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    assuming that you are dynamically producing the checkboxes (if not that would be your 1st step), you would test if the corresponding submitted post data isset() for the current checkbox you are outputting. to address that you are initially checking all the checkboxes, you would have a common program variable that you initially setup with the necessary data, then copy the submitted post data to the same variable once the form has been submitted. see the following example code - <?php // recursive trim call-back function function _trim($val) { if(is_array($val)) { return array_map('_trim',$val); } else { return trim($val); } } $post = []; // holds a trimmed, working copy, of the submitted post data or any initial data // post method form processing if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { // examine the submitted data echo '<pre>'; print_r($_POST); echo '</pre>'; $post = array_map('_trim',$_POST); // get a trimmed copy of the submitted post data. use elements in $post in the rest of the code on the page // the rest of the form processing code goes here... } // get method business logic - get/produce data needed to display the page // if you were editing existing stored data, you would initially (if the $post variable is empty) retrieve that here into the $post variable if(empty($post)) // note: this requires at least one non-checkbox/radio form field to be present in case all checkbox/radio fields are ever unchecked { // for a set of defined checkboxes that are initially set, the same as through you were editing existing data where all the checkboxes are initially checked, set that up here // loop over a 'defined' list of checkboxes. for demo purposes this is just a list of ids from 1-4 foreach(range(1,4) as $id) { $post['chk'][$id] = true; } } ?> <form method='post'> <input type='hidden' name='action' value='create'> <?php // loop over a 'defined' list of checkboxes. for demo purposes this is just a list of ids from 1-4 foreach(range(1,4) as $id) { // determine if checkbox is checked $chk = isset($post['chk'][$id]) ? ' checked' : ''; echo "<input type='checkbox' name='chk[$id]'$chk> Checkbox: $id<br>"; } ?> <input type='submit'></form>
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    you would initially create an array of the dates (Y-m-d date format) you want to highlight and store this array in a class property. at the point in the code where it is producing the css class selector and the cell content, you would use in_array() to find if $this->currentDate is one of the dates in the array. note: the author of that script should have produced a $today value in the Y-m-d format and just directly compared it with $this->currentDate in the existing css class selector code.
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    Just use the index hierarchy down to the item you want echo $array['data'][0]['attributes']['title']
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    There are a few issues here: echo'<form method="POST" action"'.getLocations($conn).'"> 1. getLocations() is a function that does not return anything. You can't use it with a string like that. 2. The form action is supposed to be a URL. If you want to submit the form to the same page it's on you can leave the action empty or missing. 3. There needs to be an equals sign with that action. <!--foreach($zip as $zip) : --> 4. That's PHP code. If you need to comment it out, keep it inside the <?php tags and use a PHP comment, not an HTML comment. 5. $zip that was set inside the getLocations() function is not going to be available to use outside the function. You should make the function return the value, then when you call it assign the returned value to a variable. 6. The function is only set to do anything when the form is submitted. Make sure that everything still works even when the form hasn't been submitted yet. 7. Don't iterate over a variable and then use that same variable name for the individual values. You'll confuse yourself. Perhaps use $zips and $zip? echo $address['address']; 8. $address is never defined anywhere. Did you mean $zip? But... echo $zip['zip']; 9. Since you commented out the foreach loop, and because of #5, there is no $zip to use. if (isset($_POST['submit'])){ 10. Your form's submit button is not named "submit". function getLocations($conn) { 11. This function requires that you pass it an argument for the database connection (which you have also named $conn). You aren't doing that.
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    the users table should only hold unique/one-time user information - first name, last name. this would produce a user_id (auto-increment integer column.) you would store any repetitive user information, such as the weight/date data in a second table, related back to the user through the user_id value. once you have properly stored the data, you can write sql queries to get any user(s) information for any date or date range.
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    You are building your foreign keys the wrong way round, EG ALTER TABLE `programs` ADD FOREIGN KEY (`program_id`) REFERENCES `deal_type` (`program_id`); should be ALTER TABLE `deal_type` ADD FOREIGN KEY (`program_id`) REFERENCES `programs` (`program_id`); program_id is the primary key of the programs table. When it appears in another table (such as deal_type) it is, therefore, a foreign key linking back the programs record. Also CREATE TABLE `deal_type` ( `deal_type_id` int AUTO_INCREMENT, `affiliate_id` int, `program_id` int, `affiliate_deal_id` int, PRIMARY KEY(deal_type_id,affiliate_id,program_id,affiliate_deal_id) -- really? PK should be deal_type_id );
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    There won't be any "affected rows". It is not an update, delete or insert query.
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    This comes close to your desired results, although our arithmetic differs SELECT t.scheduled_date , t.time_period , SUM(tt.task_time) as scheduled_time FROM tasks t INNER JOIN task_types tt ON t.task_type_id = tt.task_type_id INNER JOIN users u ON u.user_id = t.user_id INNER JOIN user_role_mappings urm ON urm.user_id = u.user_id INNER JOIN user_roles ur ON ur.user_role_id = urm.user_role_id AND ur.role = 'gas_service_engineer' INNER JOIN employee_working_days ewd ON ewd.user_id = u.user_id GROUP BY t.scheduled_date, t.time_period; +----------------+-------------+----------------+ | scheduled_date | time_period | scheduled_time | +----------------+-------------+----------------+ | 2018-08-21 | AM | 120 | | 2018-08-21 | PM | 120 | | 2018-09-24 | AM | 180 | +----------------+-------------+----------------+ This only shows two dates and not those with no time et scheduled. That assumption of "never" may come back to bite you one day.
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