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  1. Philip

    IRC is back.

    *cough* http://irc.phpfreaks.com/
  2. Philip

    Back online.

    Badgers, right? It's always dem pesky badgers.
  3. Matt is still there actually. And with v4 coming out soon (currently on beta 3), I imagine it has been rewritten. But I dunno if the phpf team will upgrade ;-) I'm just a lurker again
  4. I had this happen before, reproduced it several times... had a couple of reports to IPB but I don't think it ever completely got solved
  5. THAT DESK IS SO CLUTTERED. I wouldn't be able to stand in there for more than a few seconds
  6. It should be outputting all 3. <pre> <?php $a = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; $b = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; print_r(array_intersect($a, $b)); Returns: Array ( [q1] => no [q3] => yes [q2] => yes ) Can you post your actual code?
  7. Don't, it was a joke (hence the /s). PHP6 books were written before anything was finalized in the language, so assumptions were made.
  8. You should totally go for a PHP6 book /s
  9. Welcome to IPB, where its all or nothing!
  10. 10 posts, thanks to spam bots. Should probably lower that
  11. Your profile timezone shows GMT instead of what I imagine you want... EST? I've changed it to EST. Should be closer/correct
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