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  1. And I could say I'm a veterinarian because I have a dog.
  2. It's almost as bad as the real thing. *Philip runs
  3. The following scenarios are what I consider code completion (all of which, I hate): Start typing "$foo" and it finishes it with "bar", resulting in "$foobar" Type a quote or start of like an html attribute and it puts in the closing quote e.g. type "<a href" and it finishes it to "<a href=''>"- this by far is the most annoying one IMO Type "<div>" and it includes a "</div>"
  4. I must be the only one that hates code completion.
  5. Where oh where did my debugger go...

  6. I use MySQL workbench, mainly on windows. It's not the best that's for sure. I'm interested in seeing other options as well.
  7. It is currently limited to 1 change per 365 day after 100 approved posts.
  8. Hahahahah, oh turd. You make me laugh. You get to keep the name, as a present from me.
  9. You should have gotten an email from the board, I had that option checked. Might be in spam?
  10. I disagree. Their support is among the best, especially compared to the lowerend boxes (unless you know somebody / are friends with the providers.) They have always been courteous to me, even when I ask a stupid question... and I have done the same thing on lower boxes and gotten rude replies which gave off the vibe "why are you wasting my time?" Plus their uptime is fantastic. I almost always see emails / tweets about how a node on a lower host is going to be rebooted or got DDoS'd so it had to be taken down for a bit, etc. But I've only once had that happen in the 3 years I've had a lin
  11. Yeah, I went with namecheap. I do hate having to drop a couple hundred bucks for renewing the domains, but meh. It'll be worth it to get away from godaddy.
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