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  1. Philip

    PHPFreaks - back from the dead!

    Welcome back
  2. Philip

    IRC is back.

    *cough* http://irc.phpfreaks.com/
  3. Philip

    Back online.

    Badgers, right? It's always dem pesky badgers.
  4. Extra pointless server calls ftw!
  5. Matt is still there actually. And with v4 coming out soon (currently on beta 3), I imagine it has been rewritten. But I dunno if the phpf team will upgrade ;-) I'm just a lurker again
  6. I had this happen before, reproduced it several times... had a couple of reports to IPB but I don't think it ever completely got solved
  7. Philip

    What Does Your Workspace Look Like?

    THAT DESK IS SO CLUTTERED. I wouldn't be able to stand in there for more than a few seconds
  8. Philip

    Array comparison problem

    It should be outputting all 3. <pre> <?php $a = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; $b = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; print_r(array_intersect($a, $b)); Returns: Array ( [q1] => no [q3] => yes [q2] => yes ) Can you post your actual code?
  9. Philip

    PHP Books

    Don't, it was a joke (hence the /s). PHP6 books were written before anything was finalized in the language, so assumptions were made.
  10. Philip

    PHP Books

    You should totally go for a PHP6 book /s
  11. Philip


    Welcome to IPB, where its all or nothing!
  12. Philip


    10 posts, thanks to spam bots. Should probably lower that
  13. Philip

    New forum software

    http://staging.asimpleforum.com/ > Error code: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

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