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  1. And I could say I'm a veterinarian because I have a dog.
  2. It's almost as bad as the real thing. *Philip runs
  3. The following scenarios are what I consider code completion (all of which, I hate): Start typing "$foo" and it finishes it with "bar", resulting in "$foobar" Type a quote or start of like an html attribute and it puts in the closing quote e.g. type "<a href" and it finishes it to "<a href=''>"- this by far is the most annoying one IMO Type "<div>" and it includes a "</div>"
  4. I must be the only one that hates code completion.
  5. Where oh where did my debugger go...

  6. Updated minimum characters to 3. http://forums.phpfreaks.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&search_term=yii
  7. Why does this one not have an "optional" answer, but the others on the same page do? Object Initialiser as in C# $person = new Person(){Firstname='Robert',Lastname='Stoll'}; //Instead of $person = new Person(); $person->setFirstname('Robert'); $person->setLastname('Stoll'); Forgive my ignorance, but isn't that what a constructor is for? Anyways, I agree with Maq. Interesting project, will be cool to see the results.
  8. "php freelance" got me a lot of results, not sure what you were trying Until you get word of mouth, or repeat business, sometimes these are the only ways to go. You could try hitting up local mom & pop shops and convince them to upgrade their website, etc.
  9. It is currently limited to 1 change per 365 day after 100 approved posts.
  10. Hahahahah, oh turd. You make me laugh. You get to keep the name, as a present from me.
  11. You should have gotten an email from the board, I had that option checked. Might be in spam?
  12. I disagree. Their support is among the best, especially compared to the lowerend boxes (unless you know somebody / are friends with the providers.) They have always been courteous to me, even when I ask a stupid question... and I have done the same thing on lower boxes and gotten rude replies which gave off the vibe "why are you wasting my time?" Plus their uptime is fantastic. I almost always see emails / tweets about how a node on a lower host is going to be rebooted or got DDoS'd so it had to be taken down for a bit, etc. But I've only once had that happen in the 3 years I've had a linode.
  13. See all reviews for free and paid hosts: http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=117475.0
  14. Indeed it is, and I'm going to lock it to prevent further flare ups.
  15. If you have a C/C++ background, that'll definitely help
  16. That's somewhat true. I find myself doing the same sort of thing, but not the exact same thing. Welcome to the forums though
  17. He counted by hand, obviously. How else would you do it?
  18. Yeah, I went with namecheap. I do hate having to drop a couple hundred bucks for renewing the domains, but meh. It'll be worth it to get away from godaddy.
  19. Yup, which is also another reason. Cheers Dan for the reddit link. It's rare when I visit reddit
  20. I'm kinda surprised we don't have a sticky on this and there haven't been many topics on this for a few years... so here we are! Here is a compiled list: www.namecheap.com www.name.com www.dynadot.com www.gandi.net www.easydns.com www.dyndns.com www.domainnameshop.com www.dd24.net http://domains.ausweb.com.au/
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