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  1. Philip

    IRC is back.

    *cough* http://irc.phpfreaks.com/
  2. Philip

    Back online.

    Badgers, right? It's always dem pesky badgers.
  3. Matt is still there actually. And with v4 coming out soon (currently on beta 3), I imagine it has been rewritten. But I dunno if the phpf team will upgrade ;-) I'm just a lurker again
  4. I had this happen before, reproduced it several times... had a couple of reports to IPB but I don't think it ever completely got solved
  5. THAT DESK IS SO CLUTTERED. I wouldn't be able to stand in there for more than a few seconds
  6. It should be outputting all 3. <pre> <?php $a = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; $b = ['q1' => 'no', 'q3' => 'yes', 'q2' => 'yes']; print_r(array_intersect($a, $b)); Returns: Array ( [q1] => no [q3] => yes [q2] => yes ) Can you post your actual code?
  7. Don't, it was a joke (hence the /s). PHP6 books were written before anything was finalized in the language, so assumptions were made.
  8. You should totally go for a PHP6 book /s
  9. Welcome to IPB, where its all or nothing!
  10. 10 posts, thanks to spam bots. Should probably lower that
  11. Your profile timezone shows GMT instead of what I imagine you want... EST? I've changed it to EST. Should be closer/correct
  12. On behalf of the PHP Freaks team, I'd like to congratulate @mac_gyver to the blue-badge club! Cheers mate, you've earned it!
  13. I've migrated most of my database to either Percona or, more recently, MariaDB.
  14. I don't think an NDA would scare that many people off. A non-compete on the other hand...
  15. It's to prevent spam bots from spamming their links everywhere without us noticing. I've bumped you up to member group though, so you should have access now.
  16. Do note that you might not have access to some items until you have 10 posts.
  17. It took a while for me to grow into IDEs. For a while I found them clunky, slow, and overall just plain annoying. After several different ones I finally stumbled upon PHPStorm and haven't turned back since. Granted, I've done a lot of little tweaks here and there to get it setup the way I really like, but it definitely increases my productivity.
  18. We'd like to welcome @requinix to the blue badge club, as our newest forum moderator. Thanks for all the help you do around here!
  19. I go for the best person for the job, not for a party. Lately that has been the lesser of the evils, so to speak, ha.
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