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  1. Philip

    IRC is back.

    *cough* http://irc.phpfreaks.com/
  2. Philip

    Back online.

    Badgers, right? It's always dem pesky badgers.
  3. Matt is still there actually. And with v4 coming out soon (currently on beta 3), I imagine it has been rewritten. But I dunno if the phpf team will upgrade ;-) I'm just a lurker again
  4. I had this happen before, reproduced it several times... had a couple of reports to IPB but I don't think it ever completely got solved
  5. THAT DESK IS SO CLUTTERED. I wouldn't be able to stand in there for more than a few seconds
  6. http://staging.asimpleforum.com/ > Error code: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
  7. And I could say I'm a veterinarian because I have a dog.
  8. It's almost as bad as the real thing. *Philip runs
  9. The following scenarios are what I consider code completion (all of which, I hate): Start typing "$foo" and it finishes it with "bar", resulting in "$foobar" Type a quote or start of like an html attribute and it puts in the closing quote e.g. type "<a href" and it finishes it to "<a href=''>"- this by far is the most annoying one IMO Type "<div>" and it includes a "</div>"
  10. I must be the only one that hates code completion.
  11. Where oh where did my debugger go...

  12. I use MySQL workbench, mainly on windows. It's not the best that's for sure. I'm interested in seeing other options as well.
  13. It is currently limited to 1 change per 365 day after 100 approved posts.
  14. I like how phpf is on a lot of these screenshots
  15. It provides a sense of comradery among the worker bees.
  16. Trust me, I'm a sponge. Plus with the amount I excercise, I don't think I have much to worry about. My point was sort of the same as Adam's; everything you do can kill you. Might as well enjoy life and not worry all the time about what is going to shave 10 days off of your life. That's just my $0.02
  17. Drinking too much water can kill you too. Doesn't mean I'm gunna stop @trq - your house is so open, I'm jealous! @neil - Who needs ruby? @Adam - Yeah, apartments blow.
  18. Ooh, a standing desk? I've always wanted to try one
  19. This is the one I have, and yeah it saves money
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