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  1. The following scenarios are what I consider code completion (all of which, I hate):

    1. Start typing "$foo" and it finishes it with "bar", resulting in "$foobar"
    2. Type a quote or start of like an html attribute and it puts in the closing quote e.g. type "<a href" and it finishes it to "<a href=''>"- this by far is the most annoying one IMO
    3. Type "<div>" and it includes a "</div>"

  2. We will NOT consider name changes for people with less than 100 posts. This rule is to help keep us from being crazy flooded with requests, and also to help us from inadvertently aiding spammers/bots. Do NOT attempt to "spam" your way to 100 posts with random "I agree" or other 1-liner posts. If we determine that you have done this, not only will the request be denied, but you may receive a warning or ban.

  3. Linode? Overpopulated crowded as hell with 0 customer service?

    I disagree. Their support is among the best, especially compared to the lowerend boxes (unless you know somebody / are friends with the providers.) They have always been courteous to me, even when I ask a stupid question... and I have done the same thing on lower boxes and gotten rude replies which gave off the vibe "why are you wasting my time?"


    Plus their uptime is fantastic. I almost always see emails / tweets about how a node on a lower host is going to be rebooted or got DDoS'd so it had to be taken down for a bit, etc. But I've only once had that happen in the 3 years I've had a linode.

  4. GoDaddy supported SOPA, so a bunch of people transferred away from them (including big names like Wikipedia and Penny-Arcade).  GoDaddy was interviewed about the mass exodus and said something to the effect of "we're seeing a lot of noise, but it hasn't hurt us financially at all."  The hivemind decided to make an example out of them.


    Yup, which is also another reason.


    Cheers Dan for the reddit link. It's rare when I visit reddit ;)

  5. I'm kinda surprised we don't have a sticky on this and there haven't been many topics on this for a few years... so here we are!


    I'm looking to switch away from GoDaddy as my domain registrar. I have almost everything about them, from the UI, to their BS marketing. The only thing I do like is that I can typically get domains pretty cheap through them thanks to their never ending discount codes. However, it is time to move on.

    Does anybody have any recommendations that they've personally used and have had good experiences with? All I need is domain registration - no hosting, email, etc.

    Here is a compiled list:
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