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  1. I have a small site and right know for strings I use mysqli_real_escape_string. However when moving me to another server my provider left magic_qoutes on. So strings started adding slashes in code I wrote (but not in wordpress and smf for some reason(?)).


    I've emailed them and informed then that I wanted the m_qoutes off. This is the second time this has happened in a year and a half.


    Anyway, would it be bad form to have stripslashes() just before mysqli_real_escape_string as back up?

  2. Unknown column 'student_id' in 'field list'


    $student_id = $_POST['st_id'];

    $student_pass = $_POST['st_pass'];

    $first_name = $_POST['first_name'];

    $last_name = $_POST['last_name'];

    $gender = $_POST['gender'];

    $contact_no = $_POST['contact_no'];

    $qualification= $_POST['qualification'];

    $city = $_POST['city'];

    $state = $_POST['state'];

    $country = $_POST['country'];

    $pin_code = $_POST['pin_code'];

    $email1 = $_POST['email1'];

    $address = $_POST['address'];

    $resumename = "";

    $imagename = "";

    $dobdate = date("Y-m-d",strtotime($_POST['dob']));

    $select_query="select student_id from student_registration where student_id = '$student_id'";


    Error : Unknown column 'student_id' in 'field list'


    It's thing like this that make me feel good about myself.

  3. You're not going to get captcha without GD, sorry.


    As a note I saw a web site one time that had a question like "What is the second word in the sentence at the top of the page?" or something like that.


    I also had a pic of a manual captchua I did (just one) and it worked, the numbers were 4321 on a jpg with some lines through it and if you're a small site that may be all you'll need. But the question above worked very good.

  4. Thanks for the replys


    This is in a loop and it works


    $image = FALSE;
    if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';}
    echo '
    <td class="info">'.$image.' '.'
    <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>';


    However when I take out the $image = FALSE; $image prints in all the loop's results. Why does it do that? Shouldn't $image be empty?


    Anyway this works and I'll make a switch statement later

    if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';} else {$image = FALSE;} and it works fine

  5. I've been trying to format an echo statement to include a condition but I always have to split it into two or three echo  statements.


    echo '</a>
    <td class="info">
    <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>';


    Say I start with the above I'll then make it this


    echo '</a>


    <td class="info">';

    if (this) {echo 'That';}

    echo '<a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>';


    How can I include a condition with out extra echo's? I've tried this with and with out brackets and parenthesis and of course it doesn't work.


    echo '</a>


    <td class="info">'.{if (this) {echo 'That';} }.'

    <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>';



  6. I like smf but if it has to be it has to be. I belong to Larry Ullman's forum, link it's IPB and I haven't been there in almost a year and at the time I thought the user info and set up sucked. But I just went back and it looks clean and he's changed some things.

    I don't think the pictures were there with the post topics and my profile stuff seems easy to navigate this time.

  7. Reset the users password to something you know and send them that.


    thorpe that was  really a great and simple solution though I wonder where will I get that password?


    Sorry, didn't read your 2nd post well


    To make a new pw I use ...  $pw = substr( md5(uniqid(rand(), true)), 3, 10);

  8. Once the pw is hashed you can say it's impossible for joe average, AKA people like you and me, to get the pawword out. I know sites that can email you your password when you foregt it, not email you a new password.


    I would guess they have another table with the password in it, I would also guess they don't put it in the members table.

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