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  1. mash0

    forum back

    atm i dont experience any probelm ,thumbs up
  2. mash0

    forum back

    good the forum is online now
  3. thanks ,could u help me with code please so i can put on my index page
  4. hi i'm running website with many vistors at times i get people who abuse my site i would like to know if there is way to block these users via cookies or php , for example my site have to take action against ips that used to click on link more than 5 times tnx
  5. Hello everyone i'm using this code and its not mine on greasemonkey to replace an image with another my problem is that the website i'm visting have dynamic content and the whole images keep reloading without i do refresh /f5 for page now how i can make the script call the the image "i want to see" every minute var images = document.getElementsByTagName ("img"); var x=0; while(x<images.length) { if(images[x].alt == "image i dont want to see") { images[x].src = "image i want to see"; } x=x+1; } thanksss
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