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  1. Anything that bleeds for 5-7 days and doesn't die should be killed. It may be a zombie. Just remember that.
  2. Wow CV... tell him what you really feel.
  3. Why would you change the style of the box if they can already see and use the navigation options if it overflows? That seems redundant and would probably confuse more people than it would help. "Why is this box blue? I don't get it? Does it need my attention? Is there an error?" I see those questions coming up from your users.
  4. Why not just fix the Safari/Firefox issue? This article may help: http://www.web-wise-wizard.com/html-tutorials/html-form-forms-textarea-wrap.html
  5. Before: $data = mysql_query($sql); Do this: echo $sql; When I'm talking about case, the names of your fields in the database are case-sensitive. So if you named the field "unitID" in the database and you are calling it out of the array with "UnitID", it's not going to find it.
  6. Echo your actual query before executing it. Make sure that the fields you are pulling from the database include "UnitID"... and make sure that is the actual case of it as well.
  7. http://us.php.net/getimagesize Example #3 is what you are after.
  8. How so? I mean yeah, I don't need an FTP server, but it's nice to have a mailserver and everything else.
  9. Do you not have access to the image directly?
  10. You can't redefine a constant.... so ... don't do that? It's a pretty straight forward issue. If you want to ignore it, turn off error reporting.
  11. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/500servererror.htm Where I work, these are typically caused by a server running out of memory or some other fatal error. My guess is you are passing too much information in an array or via non-standard methods. That is a lot of data to send back and forth via HTTP requests. I would consider another method of generating the Excel file.
  12. Pass it the image? There really is no other way.
  13. I'm not even sure how CV's statements are a "use of his authority"?! He didn't actually DO anything. He made a statement that anyone else on this board could have made.
  14. I have never seen a setup like that so only your host would know the correct configuration, which I assume they supplied to you and you added to the above?
  15. If I posted "go search google" (and that would be the polite version) everytime someone posted a stupid question around here, that is about the only thing I would ever post. I like to "mix it up". Furthermore... this is a programming community. Look at 90% of the other posts in this board: streaming, server suggestions, good programming books, programming methodology. You wouldn't to a cooking forum and asking how to parse a text file, would you?
  16. Thank you for that amazing shot of intellect, my good friend ILMV! Allow me to promote you so that you can make all the correct decisions for this board! My point was that it was asked on a misc board in a PHP forum. It's called "Google". I bet you could find the answer to that question and just about every other question in the misc board in less than 5 minutes.
  17. Usage of OOP is up to the user and the application. In complex applications where a lot of functionality is re-used, it is smarter to go the OOP route. For simple applications, it may not be worth the effort to build out a large framework when the procedural method will suffice.
  18. Heh. Thanks jackpf. I wasn't aware of that.
  19. ober

    SFTP Server?

    WinSCP is a client. Thanks Daniel, that might do it, but I'd appreciate anything anyone else knows of. I did search Google but didn't come up with much.
  20. Is anyone aware of an open-source (read "free") sftp server that can be installed on a Windows box?
  21. You cannot detect when the browser is closed with PHP so the only thing you can do is set a specific time limit (15 minutes) on the cookie. setcookie
  22. I think you are confusing the issue. What you really need to find out is which is processed first, the creation of the center area or the creation of the other modules? If the center portion is created first, obviously that information will be available to generate your other area. I would also have to assume that if the center is generated based on the fact that other data is dictating the output of the center, wouldn't that data also be available to you to determine what to generate in your other module?
  23. Did you try digging around on Amazon's site? Surely they have help for this sort of thing.
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