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  1. I literally LOLed at the face palm! PERFECT!
  2. Well hop to it, bitches!
  3. I'm willing to bet your path is wrong.
  4. HAHA... not a bad idea.
  5. I'm building a site now and I just got off a call with them. They were reporting that the site was slow and a few things didn't look right. They were using IE6. I had them download IE8 and I just got an email saying that the site looks "much better now!" and it's not slow anymore. Imagine that. I think I'm going to throw an error to users that are using IE6.
  6. HAHAHAHA... I've run across a few of those on a blog I visit. Classics for sure.
  7. Click that smiley again
  8. I was in the middle of transforming some of the codes and got pulled away. I think I got the big ones but if someone sees an obvious one missing, please let me or one of the admins know (I think the mods can modify smilies as well). They're all uploaded, just need to be played with. And thanks nrg_alpha for all the work. They look awesome.
  9. When you're on an unlimited plan and most people you know aren't on IM 24-7, it seems like an obvious answer.
  10. If you split them up for me, I'll upload them.
  11. Do you guys actually IM on your phones? I tried it once and it was a bit of a pain... and who do you really IM on the go? I thought that was what texts were for?
  12. Mine is a company phone... I asked them to cover the monthly costs if I bought a BB on my own and they just threw an iPhone at me.
  13. I have an iPhone 3G, but I think the same policy applies: AccuWeather AroundMe CBS Sports ScoreCenter (ESPN) FML Mint.com Shazam Backgrounds 3 pages of games Zillow Ebay Trapster UrbanSpoon Night Stand iheartradio Cydia (my phone is JailBroken) The only app that I've purchased is a game called Streetball.
  14. The government has no desire to remain at the head of those companies for very long at all. From what I've seen, they plan to right the ship and get the fuck out in under 18 months.
  15. I say replace as well. The codes should refer to the new set.
  16. And I think that's where we wrap this up. This is getting personal and out of hand. Thread locked.
  17. I did a quick search on SMF's site for an existing mod and couldn't find one. I think there would be some value in this, but it probably wouldn't be very accurate.
  18. Excellent job nrg. You get a thumbs-up from me.
  19. I was talking to Mchl. And Mchl, I'll take that as a yes?
  20. Brilliant! And LOL at CV. But now I'm afraid to ask what your hobby is. Only one thing comes to mind really.... sail the chocolate seas, do you?
  21. ober

    Google OS

    HAHAHA... I use my iPhone for that.
  22. God no. I hate those big ones.
  23. It doesn't generate the application. It generates a C# project file... which is just basically a wrapper.
  24. Wait, are you me from 5 years ago? I started out in the middle of nowhere and I don't really subscribe to the "try the local scene" stuff. None of my clients have come from pounding the sidewalks and knocking on doors. Steps I took to get me where I am: 1) Start hitting up the decent looking projects here in the freelance board. One of my better clients came from PHP Freaks. 2) When you work for someone, do your best and treat them right. Burn a bridge with a client and you could be cutting off a pipeline of work. 3) Networking. Get to know other developers, especially ones that are busy. Often they get overloaded and will toss a job here or there in your direction (if you're worth your weight). 4) Learn the design stuff. It's not easy, and I'm not even close to good with it, but I've learned a few tricks here and there and I can get the basics down. And use things at your disposal. Not every design has to start from scratch. There are a lot of good templates out there that can be used or modified to suit your needs. And if you really suck at design, try something like this: http://www.artisteer.com/ Good luck. Freelancing is hard work, especially when you compete against hacks that undercut the business by doing the work for little to nothing.
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