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  1. hello if there is just the first function it run very good but if I add the second I get the message in Firefox " TypeError: event.target is undefined " (function(){ document.getElementById("ta").onclick = function(){ ta(); }; function ta(){ var tav = document.getElementById("ta").value, ta = document.getElementById("ta"); ta.setAttribute('style','height:200px;') } })(); window.onclick = function(event) { var tav = document.getElementById("ta").value, ta = document.getElementById("ta"); if (! event.target.matches('#ta')) { if( tav == "" ){ ta.setAttribute('style','height:25px;'); } else if( tav !== "" ){ ta.setAttribute('style','height:200px;'); } } } (function(){ document.getElementById("close").onclick = function(){hide_notify();}; function hide_notify(){ var notify = document.getElementById("notify"); notify.parentElement.removeChild(notify); } })(); I'm still new in JavaScript so I have no idea what is going on ! thanks.
  2. thanks for the code ! and thank you for highlighting this problem, actually I'm still new in PHP/MySQLi and this test website will not be published, it's just for improve my coding skills.
  3. Hello I'm trying to check if 2 values exist in the database using php, Google didn't help... I need something like this : if($stmt = mysqli_prepare($db_connect,'QUERY TO CHECK IF USERNAME AND EMAIL EXIST')){ mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "ss", $user,$email); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); /* if username exist echo username exist if email exist echo email exist */ } else{/*error*/} thanks !
  4. Hello The Internet is full with Responsive design tutorials, but a could not find any helpful adaptive design tutorial, so if someone know how to create a adaptive design or a useful tutorial please help. Have a Good Day !
  5. Thanks, that was helpful, but I should run this manually, is there any way to be 100% auto .
  6. Hello I want to make a SQL row to be deleted after one day, or week, or every row older than on week automatically, how can it be done ? Have a good day.
  7. Hello I Googled Responsive vs Adaptive design , and almost all results recommend using Responsive design and say that Adaptive design has a lots Cons. But... I noticed that famous websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and many more use Adaptive Design, so I'm wandering Why they use Adaptive design if the majority say that responsive is better ? Thanks !
  8. Thanks, again one more thing, what can I add to the code to display the time offsets, like : (GMT +1:00 hours ) Brussels, Paris ... ? .
  9. Hello How can I create a user friendly timezone select menu using PHP, like the one in General account setting of PHPFreaks. thanks !
  10. Thanks for the detailed explain it really make more sense, and I know about jQuery but I just prefer to use Javascript because I'm still learning. sorry if I'm asking to much but, can you give me a better code example if it's possible, I'll be Very Thankful, still new with JavaScript.
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