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  1. lilmer

    Dynamic URL

    I am new to Laravel, I have registration form which set an extension on the URL on the database table for each user. Example. I am using Laravel 5.6. Anyone can suggest what is the best way to get check if the URL exist on the database and it will proceed. As I now I try to set the Model and make a condition on the config/routes.php to check if the extension from database, but I know it is not the best solution.
  2. Hello, I've got a question about ddos attack. As happen before our site has been attack, i think it was a ddos attack which crash our server. Back then our web app and database are on the same server. As now web app and database are separate. site is on windows server and its connected to database from other server also (Linux). If an attack like that happen again, is the database server can be prevent from crashing as it is now separate? Thanks. I have a site running on windows server and its connected to database from other server also (Linux).
  3. Looking too far away we didn't see that the answer is just in front of us!

  4. I am the master of all the master's who master what I've mastered!

  5. What's on my mind? Halla'! Alla facebook style. . really?

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