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  1. I recon I'm not going to see my local site work correctly As just had my second mi plz help ... as I know 0% php and -0% curl for my imdb information scraper.
  2. yes it is only me that will be using the help/plugin for the foreseeable future, and its only the data I want as I will add the pictures and videos later. Just so interested in getting this done that it hurts that I cant mentally code it grr. Thanks
  3. I wish to hire a php developer to design a imdb plugin that will slot into the way that I have designed my wordpress theme. Hope here from you soon Steven www.scottiescotsman.com
  4. Yes I would provide the imdb movie number or the movie name and yes to all the other stuff. It's for personal use for my web address that isn't live at present. Also I have learned a lot since starting my web address till now, considering I had no wordpress, php or css experience since I started this project. Eventually I might stream the movies too... how ever much this costs its kewl as I could never be able to do it myself. thanks for your replies
  5. I want the plugin just to scrape certain information from the imdb website, https://www.screencast.com/t/KNCBfE7J7 also actors, directors and writers. even if you helped me code my current theme to accommodate a search imdb button that would add the above information for me, that would be the dogs bollocks. thanks for your reply
  6. I have coded a custom movie theme for wordpress but need a custom imdb plugin, as I am at present manually typing in all the movie data. I have tried most of the imdb plugins that are out there but to my dismay they don't hit the mark for me. I have also tried coding a plugin myself but I am dreadful as I know nothing about plugin development or scrapers or python, so I'm fked lol need loads of help but am also willing to pay for some ones services. Thanks in advance
  7. What I am trying to do is extract the value of a variable from a hyperlink. The code that I have tried is as follows... #hyperlink creation <a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>/title.php?title=<?php echo $args[$x]; ?>"><?php echo $args[$a]; ?></a> #value extract header(" echo home_url(); /" . $_GET ['title'] . ".php" ); $title = $_GET['title']; any help appreciated
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