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Found 9 results

  1. hello dear freaks, try to extract some lines out of a webpage - with following technique: with the Extraction of values of attributes of elements with Simple HTML-DOM-Parser. Here is what i have gathered and learned: Try to retrieve the contents of a div from the external site withg PHP, and XPath: This is an excerpt from the page, showing the relevant code: note: i try to add all - also to add @ on the class and a at the end on my query, After that, i use saveHTML() to get it. see my test: Here the example; view-source:https://wordpress.org/plugins/participants-database/ and https:
  2. I cannot seem to figure this bit out. I'm trying to load data from an xml file depending on what the value of a url parameter is. I have an attribute set in my xml, but cannot seem to figure out how to go about this. I've looked at several examples of getting the attribute so I'm not sure where I am wrong since I haven't come across an example using url parameters to determine what data should be fetched. Here is what I have so far. An example of my xml file. There will be more records of piercing in this file. <piercings> <piercing id="default"> <title>Piercing Not
  3. I hate javascript and working with Google maps but, anyways. I am trying to update my old maps to a new style. Here is the new style. http://www.mesquiteweather.net/lsm/map.html I am trying to added the markers to the map from an XML file which is this one. http://www.mesquiteweather.net/tracker/data.xml It should look like this. http://www.mesquiteweather.net/wxspotter.php I have transferred the code over to the updated map style but, for some reason it isn't displaying the markers. Can someone please tell me what it is I am missing or doing wrong which I
  4. Good morning guys. I am pulling data from vehicle tracking site via soap curl. but the data format that I am getting it in is unusable, maybee i am doing something wrong. please have a look. here is the code. <?php //Data, connection, auth $dataFromTheForm = $_POST['fieldName']; // request data from the form $soapUrl = "https://fleet11.******.co.za/api/"; // asmx URL of WSDL $soapUser = "********"; // username $soapPassword = "********"; // password // xml post structure $xml_post_string = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:xsi="ht
  5. Simply put, I every night I have to pull a HUGE xml file (5mb 4500+ records). with this data ( small sales site), I create a webpage using the data provided. Pretty simple. However, I first used XML and converted it to arrays. This was problematic for functions and manipulating etc.. or picking out discounts and specific items etc. So Now I use the xml file, and convert it to sql - this as you know is very time consuming (longest time is about 10-12min using INSERT UPDATE ON DUPLICATE). So I have to use a cronjob to perform this. I would rather have the page dynamicly loaded when
  6. Hi, I have an XML file to load into MySQL, but it is generated with a label and a value instead of being fully qualified. So instead of <book> <name>Lord of the Flies</name> <author>William Golding</author> </book> <book> <name>War and Peace</name> <author>Leo Tolstoy</author> </book> It is like <book> <label>name</label> <value>Lord of the Flies</value> <label>author</label> <value>William Golding</value> </book> <book> &
  7. Is it possible to append to cdatasection within xml file using a loop without creating a new cdata section with each loop thru. The code starts out by creating the basics for xml then enters into a loop to go thru each element of an array, appending the cdata. $xml=new DOMDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8'); $xml->preserveWhiteSpace = false; $xml->formatOutput = true; $components = $xml->createElement("components"); $name=$xml->createAttribute("name"); $name->value = "customEPGGrid"; $extends=$xml->createAttribute("extends"); $extends->value = "EPGGrid"; $components->appendChild
  8. i am having a problem parsing the file that ebay returns for error codes $results = new SimpleXMLElement($responseXml); if ( $results->Errors != null ) foreach ($results->Errors as $key => $value) { $longMsg =$results->Errors->LongMessage; $shortMsg = $results->Errors->ShortMessage; $code = $results->Errors->ErrorCode; echo '<P>' . $code . ' : ' . str_replace( ">", ">", str_replace( "<", "<", $shortMsg ) ); if ( $longMsg != '' ) echo '<BR>' . str_replace( ">", ">", str_replace( "<", "
  9. I stumbled upon a video in develop php, that uses php to create a dynamic xml file. I tried to use their code, and modify to my needs but I wasn't able to. I need a php file that creates an xml with all the subfolders in a folder and the images inside those subfolders. Can someone please help me get this working? Thanks. This is what I have tried so far: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/Image-Gallery-PHP-Loop-Files-Dynamic-XML-Tutorial <?php header("Content-Type: text/xml"); // set the content type to xml // Initialize the xmlOutput variable $xmlBody = '<?xml version="1.0" enc
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