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  1. Hello, I've just started to use and I'm trying to convert over some of my own extensions I built for my store. I have started with a fresh install of and I built a very basic extension, I'm wanting to move over to the extension installer to install my future additions to my store instead of using vqmod. I have made my testerextension.ocmod.zip, inside this is: install.xml /upload/ /admin/ /catalog/ However when I use the installer to upload testerextension.ocmod.zip I'm getting the following error: Directory containing files to be uploaded could not be foun
  2. Hi, I'm fairly new to PHP and I do struggle with the PHP time functions and the aspect of working with dates. I'm needing to create a between two dates variables for myself to use in MYSQL. Since i'm creating a feature that allows the viewer to select a day during the week to run a cron job. Let say it's Saturday. I need to work out from the time the script is run (THE FROM DATE) what the (TO DATE) will be, which I'm wanting the (TO DATE) to be the Monday at 00:01 at the start of that week. However this is proving quite difficult to perform simply without writing long
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