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  1. Hello Guys, I have an interesting issue in Magento. After a site backup and transfer onto a new domain the front-end of my website loads fine, however when I try to navigate to: domain.com/index.php/admin I get a white page. I have enabled debugging mode and it displays this error: 1 Array ( [type] => 64 [message] => Cannot redeclare class Mage_Admin_Model_Session [file] => /var/www/vhosts/domain.co.uk/sub-domain.co.uk/includes/src/__adminhtml.php [line] => 504 ) Since finding this new error, I've tried to comment/remove every class that it cannot redeclare in the __adminhtml.php file, one by one.. Only to find that by the time I've commented them all out and refreshed the admin page, it gives no error whatsoever. Just a white page. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated.
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