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  1. is there any html before the script you posted? like a header file for example? cause session_start needs to be called before any output of html, for example: [code] <?php session_start(); ?> <html> <head> </head> <body> // html stuff here </body> </html> [/code]
  2. [code] <? //View Artist List, links to profile.           require_once('dbconnect.php');           $conn = db_connect();           $db = @mysql_select_db ("mitchand_studio", $conn)               or die ("Registration failure, try again.");          $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY id DESC"); //the above line would get all your users, and order them by their Id's // the loop below would then make a link for every user              while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql))     {     stripslashes($row);          echo '<a href="/profile/profile.php?user='.$row['uname'].'>'.$row['uname'].'</a>';      } ?> [/code]
  3. well i have it on most of the time, somtimes i just turn it off if my securety spots anything, and also i'm a big fan adding use-abilaty without loosing it, thats why i love php so mutch, its server side so it aint got nothing to do with the visitor, it will work with or without javascript, so i know allready i aint going to love AJAX, but thats not what we here to discuss, i dont know, it aint yes, it aint no, so does sometimes count for somthing?
  4. ohh whahahahah damn i should look more to date's before i post something:P whahahahahaha
  5. well i'm a firm beliver that its (allways)better to make it yourself, this way you can insert any option you need without the bloat, and without the price
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