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  1. micah1701

    Email issue - name not showing in sent email

    The code does not post the senders name into the message body of the e-mail. The line: $message = stripslashes(strip_tags(trim($_POST['message']))); sets the variable "$message" with the "Message" form field that has been sent from the form Then, the line that sends the emal is: if (mail($your_email, $subject, $message, $from)) { notice it just passes that "$message" variable along. No where in there is the persons name ever attached to the message.
  2. micah1701

    Where to place DB calls during refactoring

    Using an ORM is definitely the way to go, centralizing the codebase for making queries helps with future expansion (as well as if you need to swap out db technologies) and, with well implemented libraries, will help mitigate security holes such as sql-injection. For lightweight use, I'm a big fan of Idiorm (and Paris if you need active record support) http://j4mie.github.io/idiormandparis/
  3. micah1701

    Website search engine not working

    I suspect it has more to do with your site's framework set up and/or the post back link to your search page. I see your URL is "index.php?search=XXX" The "?search" variable is part of the searched for keywords but it does not tell the index.php script which page to load. I suspect the URL should be something like "localhost/mmdb/index.php/search/?search=XXX" or simply "localhost/mmdb/search/?search=XXX" or maybe even "localhost/mmdb/search.php?search=XXX" Does the search page load at all (before you actually search for something?) If so, what is the URL of THAT page?
  4. micah1701

    cURL times out trying to connect to its own server

    so when setting the URL, I found that (at least on this window's machine) I can use "http://localhost" and it works just fine. Go figure.
  5. micah1701

    Removing the transition for this jquery slider

    From your code, it looks like you're using a slider called "jssor" I googled it and it has a lot of examples of how to use it, including a parameter called "autoPlay" that can be set to not automatically start the slide show http://slideshow.jssor.com/development/reference-options.html#.UgpP62RASd0
  6. micah1701

    Help with two functions and emails

    after your form, where you call the first function, "sendMailToAdmin()" I think you just need to call the other 2 functions as well and you should be all set, something like: if( sendEmailToAdmin($make, $model,$isSetupHelpReqd) // call the first function ) { $boolMailSent = true; }else{ $boolMailSent = false; } sendEmailToSupport($make, $model,$isSetupHelpReqd); // call the second function it occurs to me that both functions have the line "require("scripts/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php");" calling it a second time in the second function may error out, you might want to change that to require_once().
  7. I have the need to use cURL to request content from my own website. I've been using the same function on several sites on my own server but recently needed to set up my code on a client's Windows machine (running apache and php w/ cURL enabled). Something about the new host's configuration causes all my cURL requests to timeout when calling URL's on the same site as the code initiating the request. if I set the url to yahoo.com or bing.com it works but if I set it to $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] or my domain name it times out. any thoughts?

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