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  1. Hello everybody, I've started using a new CMS called Expression Engine. I'm very new but I know my way around the CMS itself and I need some help implementing a feature for a blog page. Currently on the blog page I have: {embed="/embed/header"} {embed="/embed/footer"} ..to give me my blank template of the page. I'm also using an embed to bring in the articles and a load more button, currently loading a new page with 6 new articles. What I want to achieve is an ajax load which loads 6 more articles underneath the existing 6. If anyone could help me find a tutorial or give me some advice on how to amend the current code to not load but dynamically enter 6 articles underneath ? The code underneath is the code that enables a new load with the next 6 articles Any help would be much appreciated ? HELP! {exp:channel:entries channel="research-developments" limit="6" status="Featured|Open" entry_id="not {embed:exclude-entry}" paginate="bottom" disable="member_data|trackbacks"} {switch="<div class='row'>||"} <div class="span3"> {article-block} </div> {switch="||</div>"} {if {count}=={total_results}} {if {count}!='3' AND {count}!='6'} </div><!-- close row --> {/if} {/if} {paginate} <div class="row"> <div class="span9"> {if next_page} <a href="{auto_path}" class="btn btn-large btn-block next" data-loading-text="Loading...">More articles (Showing page {current_page} of {total_pages} pages )</a> {/if} </div> </div> {/paginate} {/exp:channel:entries}
  2. Kolinski

    w3c HELP!

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1"> what does the above code mean and what does it do?
  3. Thanks for the link I had a look at the code but the jquery doesn't include the autoplay word. how can i make a jquery script using <script> $autoplay false ? </script> to overide the above script ?
  4. Okay, I'm rather confused this is what I've done so far, what it does is the first combobox/listbox, on selection of a globe it changes the image to that globe. Now when I click on the second combo I want the choosen globe to load the interior/exterior/city/country IMAGE of the choosen globe above this is my code <div id="dropdownbox_mobile"> <!--[if !IE]> --> <div class="notIE"> <!-- <![endif]--> <label> <select id="sel"> <option disabled selected>Choose your upgrade globe</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/Standard-E-City.jpg">Standard Replacement</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/PowerVision-E-City.jpg">PowerVision</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/XtremeVision-E-City.jpg">XtremeVision</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/BlueVision-E-City.jpg">BlueVision Ultra</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/CrystalVision-E-City.jpg">CrystalVision</option> <option value="./ajaxfiles/mobile-globerange/carbackgrounds/DiamondVision-E-City.jpg">DiamondVision</option> </select></label> </div> <br> <!--[if !IE]> --> <div class="notIE"> <!-- <![endif]--> <label> <select> <option disabled selected>Choose your Scene/View</option> <option>Exterior</option> <option>Interior</option> <option>City</option> <option>Country</option> </select></label> </div><br> <!--[if !IE]> --> <div class="notIE"> <!-- <![endif]--> <label> <select> <option disabled selected>Choose your Beam Pattern</option> <option>High</option> <option>Low</option> </select></label> </div> </div>
  5. Hi all, I have a page with 3 comboboxes. After selecting options from the three. Onclick of the submit button I would like for an image to load in dynamically for that selection. What would the easiest and best way to implement such a feature ? Any help would be much appreciated ?
  6. Hey guys I've got the slider I want. All I need to do now is understand this jquery code and remove the transition property. So that the slider doesn't slide automatically. If you guys can go to this URL and view page source you'll be able to see all the code that makes up this page http://nurdit.com/jsresponsive/slider.html Any help please please please would be much appreciated
  7. I had a look at HTML5 local storage If I have 6 <a href TAGS how can I parse that href to be remember when changing page ? An example snippet would be great
  8. Hi all, I would like to create a function that allows two options to be selected and then on pressing submit it loads in content dynamically. How can I create such a feature ? Any help would be much appreciated
  9. Hi all, I really need some help on this one. I've created a very complex page with a number of buttons that load content in dynamically. (There are quite a few combinations) What I would like to know is, is there a way to hard-code if an option is selected on one page that that selection stay open on another page ? For example I'm on the globe.html page having selected option 3. I open the view.html page and that page starts on option 3 due to it being selected on the previous page. Any help would be very appreciated
  10. Would this be correct ? <div class="row-fluid"> <input type="submit" style="display:none" name="badgeSubmit" class="span5 offset7 blue-button" value="Send" onClick='return checkvalue() && toggle(); return false;' /> <img style="position:relative; top:20px; display:block;" src="/images/sending.gif" alt="loading" class="sending"> </div>
  11. Hello all, Im working on a back-end system that sends push notifications. At the moment on click of send button the loading gif appears underneath. I would like the send button to disappear and for the loading gif to appear as it is now. How can I implement this feature ? Any help would be much appreciated <div class="row-fluid"> <input type="submit" name="badgeSubmit" class="span5 offset7 blue-button" value="Send" onClick='return checkvalue() && toggle(); return false;' /> <img style="position:relative; top:20px;"src="/images/sending.gif" alt="loading" class="sending"> </div>
  12. Hello everybody, I'm working on a back-end system where WordPress is brought in using an iFrame. The iFrame itself is responsive but the editor within the iFrame that wordpress is bringing in isn't responsive. What I'm trying to achieve is an editor (WYSIWYG) that will be responsive for mobile device's. How can I implement an editor that will fulfill these requirements? I'm fairly new to Wordpress but I've worked with PHP and WYSIWYG editors before. I want it to be a safe operation of changing over the editors so that I don't break anything in the application. Any replies and advice would be greatly appreciated Adam
  13. Hi guys, I have a relatively hard question. The problem is that I must leave the HTML code as it is and not put any divs around the image tags. How can I add a class or a selector to an image tag so that I can style that specific image tag for a specific style sheet. The reason why I'm doing this is because my code is styled in three different style sheets for responsive web design. I need a way to select these image tags using an identifier without affect the html code to go crazy in other layouts. <img src="./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1xtremevision.png" alt="" name="btn3" id="btn3" onclick="MM_swapImage('car','','./ajaxfiles/carbackgrounds/XtremeVision-E-City.jpg','btn1','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1standardreplacement.png','btn2','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1powervision.png','btn3','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/xtremevision.png','btn4','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1bluevisionultra.png','btn5','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1crystalvision.png','btn6','','./ajaxfiles/globebuttons/1diamondvision.png',1)" /> Any help would be much appreciated, please post a way to style these image tags ? All the best, Adam
  14. Hi all, I'm working on a button which has a gradient from top to bottom using the colors #0072ba & #004881. I would like to create a 2px border around this button with the same gradient but reverse... so top being #004881. How can I do this using CSS3 or any other methods. The code to the button is attached? Any help would be much appreciated a.CSS3_Button { position:relative; left:65px; top:100px; display: inline-block; border: 2px solid blue; padding: 8px 18px; width:590px; height:120px; z-index:1111111; text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 13px; font-weight: bold; font-family: GillSans; margin-bottom:35px; -webkit-box-shadow: 1px -1px 4px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.66); -moz-box-shadow: 1px -1px 4px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.66); box-shadow: 1px -1px 4px rgba(50, 50, 50, 0.66); }
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