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  1. I like the new look, not too crazy about the WYSYWIG editor though. I need a bigger "INSERT CODE" button. or disable button... or disable it permanently for myself. Either way, this is a million times better than SMF. I always regretted going to SMF. I think we used IPB before that if I'm not mistaken. They have improved it greatly and I'm stoked about the changes.
  2. I think the problem is you're overwriting $conn within the while loop: #execute the query $conn = @mysql_query($sql2 ) or die(mysql_error()); if ($conn) { echo"<br />Classes Copied"; } Instead, maybe try: #execute the query $conn2 = @mysql_query($sql2 ) or die(mysql_error()); if ($conn2) { echo"<br />Classes Copied"; }
  3. Your call to htmlspecialchars() isn't necessary and shouldn't be there without being used. Check the PHP Manual.. <?php ('includes/db_connect.php'); $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM comments ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10"); htmlspecialchars () // <--- Why is this even here? It's not being called right, not ending with a ; . while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<div class='comment'><b><center>".$row['username'] . "</b></center><br><br><center><i>" . $row['comment']."</i></center><>"; echo "<br/>"; } ?>
  4. The simple way would be use empty or a string comparison. if(!empty($_POST['foo'])) { // do something } // or if(strlen($_POST['foo']) > 0) { // do something } You can also use some comparison operators to compare other values like integers, exact matches, and etc.
  5. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with breaking in / out of PHP and popping in HTMl like that. Pretty common! Not everyone needs an uber php template engine to write a single PHP page that outputs HTML.
  6. I think your problem is you're not quoting the 2nd argument in your function call. kyle.jpg Should probably be 'kyle.jpg' makelargeimage('uploads/cars/15/car1/thumbs/' , 'kyle.jpg', 'uploads/cars/15/thumbs/car/1/);
  7. I prefer CentOS. It allows me to get things done quickly, easily, and it's redhat based so it's just what I'm use to. I can do anything I need with CentOS in a server / hosting environment. It's updates are easy, there's tons of repos for different levels of packages (old, new, even cooler than the default). Yum is easy to use, generally easy to prepare for compiling PHP from source I'll use default packages on CentOS and then compile PHP into Apache. It's pretty straight forward.
  8. Check dmesg frequently. It'll tell you if it can't read sectors. If it does, you should get ready and backup your data while you can. Change the drive immediately!
  9. I like to do backups via cron. */5 * * * * * /scripts/mybackup.sh > /dev/null Party!
  10. You could always try to do an NFS mount. Network File System (NFS) allows you to mount remote shares on your system. However, that being said, you'd have to tunnel the NFS ports just like you do with other web services, and it also requires a pretty stable and strong connection, depending on the files. The other option, does your IDE have SFTP? If it does, why wouldn't you use SSH/SFTP instead? Your IDE should show you a file structure and etc, so you can edit / create new files and such. Theres' tons of great IDE's out there, but I prefer UltraEdit and always have. It's fast, simple, has all the features I need. http://UltraEdit.com Good Luck!
  11. Are you able to get anything else installed by apt? Perhaps your apt configuration for the respository is pointing to an old site, or offline.
  12. Hehe... if you have any more problems, check my signature! we can rock you some VPS hosting
  13. Your best bet when you see this happening is to recompile PHP. Try a new version, perhaps something has gone crazy on your setup, or some files were moved, or some depenencies were updated and now causing segfaults. Reinstall if you're on Windows, or recompile if you're on Linux. If it keeps happening, check your RAM. I know this sounds crazy, but I've seen a bad stick of memory in a server cause havoc on applications. Good Luck! Let me know if you have questions!
  14. There are several different types of control panels out there, but indeed the best thing to do is get a RAW server with your flavor of linux on it. CentOS is a good variant of RedHat, while others prefer debian, gentoo and such. I've had great success being a RedHat / Fedora / CentOS user and I prefer CentOS for it's simplicity. cPanel on the other hand is awesome if you have access to it with your hosting. Honestly, despite it's bloatedness (which you can turn off a lot of garabage if you're the only one using the server and don't need a lot of client features such as webalizer, exim mail stats, backups and etc.). We can hook you up with a VPS / Server at http://ServerPowered.com with anything you need. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
  15. I can tell you what's up. The timezone defaults are set by the hostnode of VPS hosts. With that, it sets the time on the actual VPS itself. You can override these settings at a hostnode level, if your host isn't allowing you to do that, stop by and visit us at http://ServerPowered.com and we'll get you a kick ass VPS with the right timezone
  16. Hi guys, Great job!! This is how I dreamed the site to look and operate! I'm very proud of how well you handled the migration! I'm on mobile and think its great! Looking forward to the new beginning here! I see an incredible amount if potential! Rock on! It's Showtime here at BMG Orlando! See you all soon!
  17. It's been fixed right after we were notified of this error. Can anyone re-enable the ads?
  18. I use to use UltraEdit (IDM Software) on Windows a long time ago. I switched over to MAC and tried several editors, ended up using Zend for a while but I really hate how bloated Zend is. I found UltraEdit has a Mac version and it's pretty awesome and cheap. Plus Free 30 day trial. http://www.ultraedit.com/
  19. Wow, I feel your ping flood from your windows box. Make it stop!!!!! hehehe...
  20. I think it's the fact that you single quoted $file. Change: $file = '$result' . '.php'; to: $file = $result. '.php';
  21. Move the <form> above the <table> and the </form> below the </table>
  22. Here it is. Can't believe you missed it ?? you guys rock!!! Great thread, I needed a chuckle.
  23. I really hate those "please delete" requests. If you came here for help, you should be sensible enough to protect your company's information if you are the guy on the job. 50% of programming is writing code, 50% of it is hitting google to try and remember or find new stuff. At least that's how it is for me. I learned how to ask questions and use common sense thanks to forums like these!
  24. I often sit back and wonder. Communities like PHP Freaks have been around long before the inception of Facebook. We were teaching people how to code back when PHP was breaking the ground. When Zuck was sitting in his dorm room cranking away at code (hahah, LOL) do you think he and his homies were using PHP Freaks under some unknown names to learn how to build their site? I find it hard not to believe that in some capacity, sites like PHPFreaks helped build the main platforms that the internet is hobbling over these days. Funny thing is, when I jokingly submitted my online job application last year to Facebook for an Applications Operations Engineer - all I put in the box was "Hi, I'm phpfreak, founder of PHPFreaks.com" in their online form. I got a call the very next day and that initiated a 5 phase interview - even without having a formal resume. Jokingly I breezed through the first 4 interviews, then got serious and screwed it up somehow. I'm glad I'm not there now, but at some point, it was almost a reality. They must know who we are and what we do. Any thoughts?
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