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  1. <form action="forgotpass.php" method="post"> <input style="opacity:0.9" class="sidelinks5" size="30" maxlength="50" placeholder="email adress" type="email" name="affiliatername"> <input type="submit" value="New Password" name="sendmepass" class="button"> </form> This my HTML code. But, I think so some think wrong whit the php code. But I don't know what's is the problem. I tray 1000 version but it's not work . I hope some body can HELP me... Thank you and regards...
  2. <input size="30" placeholder="email adress" name="sendmepass" type="email"/> <input type="submit" value="New Password" name="affiliatername" class="button"/> Still doesn´t work :-(
  3. How I have to write this parameter? Can you write for me? Thank you for all answer..
  4. I tray to write html code like this, but it's not working. <form action="forgotpass.php" method="post" > <input size="30" placeholder="email adress" name="rmail" type="email"/> <input type="submit" value="New Password" name="submit" class="button"/> </form> I don't understand where is the problem? in the php or html ? Thank you very much !
  5. Hi, I have forgotpass.php code. But I dont have a forgotpass.html code. I tray somethink but it's not working. I need cust html code, for the this php code. Thank you and regards. <? include("header.php"); $error = $diplay = ""; if(isset($_POST['sendmepass'])) { $mem_email = $affiliater->GetEmailByUsername($_POST['affiliatername']); if ($mem_email != "") { $newpass = generatePassword(); $affiliater->ReminderPassword($_POST['affiliatername'], $newpass); //Send mail $to = $mem_email; $subject = 'Password Reminder'; $body = str_replace("{USERNAME}", $_POST['affiliatername'], FORGOTMAILDETAIL); $body = str_replace("{NEWPASSWORD}", $newpass, $body); $headers = "Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n"; mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers); $error = "Your password will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you registered with the system! Please check it to recovery your password"; $diplay = "style='display: none;'"; }else $error = "User inactive or not exists! Please type exactly affiliatername which you used to registry"; } $template->set_filenames(array("body" => "forgotpass.html")); $template->assign_vars(array( 'ERROR' => $error, 'DIPLAY' => $diplay, 'USERNAME'=> "Username", )); $template->pparse("body"); include("footer.php"); ?>
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