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  1. If so that I need a database for myorder.php page, what should be inside that database table?. As these is my table for product page: CREATE TABLE `video_products` ( `vid` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `vname` TEXT NOT NULL, `vprice` DECIMAL(10,2) NOT NULL, `vimage` VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`vid`) Thanks.
  2. Hi mac_gyver, thanks for pointing out, what I'm trying to accomplish is that: 1) Do I need an database for myorder.php page?? and how should I insert those code to the page, with insert and delete function for the page? probably you could have any recommendation/ suggestion?. 2) I've taken those form away as you mention in your 4th method. 3) Sorry I'm confused of what your saying for your 5th method, on your 6th method, if I don't store the credit card number, how can I able to retrieve it from that database? 4) On your 7th, are you referring to this section? if(isset($_
  3. Hi, I've question regards to the topic title above for, "how to get/post myorder page code to payment page??" which didn't retrieve any data from myorder page or do I need a database for myorder page?. As myorder page uses GET function to collect information from product page that using mysqli SELECT function to get data from the database. Also "how to get/post the Total from the myorder page to payment page??". Below are the following code: - myorder.php page <?php session_start(); include 'db2.php'; if ( !empty($_SESSION["firstname"])) { } else { $_SESSION["firs
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