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  1. I don't see anything that is related to image manipulation in your code. You may want to read this: https://www.daveperrett.com/articles/2012/07/28/exif-orientation-handling-is-a-ghetto/
  2. chhorn

    php error

    More important: What did you try to solve it?
  3. Store the session somewhere you have exclusive control of. Solutions are alreaday mentioned here.
  4. chhorn

    php Controls

    If you want some lightwight and simple to get started, you could even have a look at Notepad++
  5. If you get the error "call to a member function xy on bool" in context of database queries you can (mostly) think of an error within your sql statement. On your development machine you should always enable throwing errors: $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=someTable', 'username', 'password', [ PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION ]);
  6. $sql is just the string, within the code you are not even running the SQL statement with query().
  7. The data in the script-tag won't update every second, you have to call the PHP-script every second.
  8. You find 500 errors in the error.log on the webserver's machine.
  9. Oh yeah, your database will be deleted then. Hint: Use Prepared Statements.
  10. Nothing will happen as you do not use any variable - except for $row what will raise an undefined variable/undefined index error. didn't you even try this yourself?
  11. Your statement is incomplete for the lack of all those variables and the missing database abstraction layer, also you're just "select *"-ing without any reference to your table layout - so how do you expect someone to reproduce your problem? Just make an encapsulated mockup with sqlite in memory (<- searchterm) that holds a complete example. You can output any data with `var_dump()` to see which column of the result you must refer to.
  12. And what's the problem then? You use template variables that are different from what the template expects, so you have to change your variable names according to the template - like the ones you commented out - or you change the template.
  13. What does HTML/JS have to do with composer? what is "connecting" to an application? What should "but cannot get composer to do it." mean?
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