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  1. Try changing your stylesheet from absolutes to floats, like this:
    #rightmenu {
        float: right;
        width: 180px;
        top: 200px;
    After that, your menu will go down to the bottom of the page. To fix that, add a margin-right property to your blog content, or a padding-left property to your blog wrapper.
  2. But he isn't asking for popups. He's looking for a menu hover.
    The problem with your solution is that, as soon as you stop hovering over the box (say, to click a link inside) it vanishes because of the gap between the content pane and the button. You would need to have the two objects become practically the same for this to work.
  3. Maybe it's just that I'm not even close to being in your target audience, but I really don't like what you've done. The splotchy look of it just doesn't work very well. But for the look, I'm not very helpful. For the code and stuff, I can help you a lot. You have WAY too much image text. What did you do, create a design in photoshop and just export it from there? For accessibility, it just doesn't work well. If you have a long blob of text, then type it in. It's not like using any of those splotchy fonts you seem to favor will make it look any better. Maybe it's just that I really hate image text.
    Your code is another thing. No DTD? That' just begging for trouble from Microsoft, for whom you seem to have way too many hacks for in your code. Ever considered that your Microsoft troubles come from the lack of a document type? Basically, your code is horrible to try to read.
  4. Just keep the main colors that you're going to use in most of the site as you normally would and then for the other side, just add another selector before the a:whatever declaration. That will make it so the style will only apply to links within things of that type, I.E. div#left a:link { stylehere }.
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