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  1. Computer died? I'm sure everyone can sympathize with that. Anyways, all my previous comments still stand. And as for the contact page, he means this: whenever he puts something in wrong to the contact page, it throws an error at him that makes him go back to the contact page and fill it out again, because the error is in a new page. Oh, and one more thing: fix the blinking text in the sidebar. The blinking really gets on my nerves.
  2. Getting there. It's infinitely more legible, that's for sure. Definitely a major improvement over the last version!
  3. Whenever I load a page here, my browser just kind of freezes for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. No really, it just stops my entire browser, every tab, every menu, every button... all frozen. Very annoying.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I don't think I fully understood what this site was. Maybe you should have mentioned this is a study tool in the first post?
  5. I'm not sure what you're talking about. All I see is a web page with a search box and a bunch of links to searches about egypt.
  6. Why are you so mad at them? Simple mistake. Yeesh.
  7. You can use position: absolute, I guess. But in your code, I have to ask, why are you only going for HTML2.0? That came out an eternity ago.
  8. Why is your stylesheet link inside the script tag?
  9. [code]body { background-image: url(my/url/here); }[/code]
  10. You just need to alter the template HTML for VBulletin, that's all. And by "Featured" I mean have it say interesting discussions that have over x posts. Also, just had another idea: what if you had a user image gallery for every person? That way, people could post interesting images or something.
  11. Yeah, that's the way it would work. For page separation, go with frames then. Or classes. Or basic CSS.
  12. No offense, but I hate your color scheme here. Grey, black, and red? Not good together. Also, your navigation doesn't show up very well against your navigation. You seriously need to retool your entire color design here, I have to say.
  13. I'm using it with my copy; works perfectly. This extension will make it easy for you to upload images to a folder on your server.
  14. Bring the forums more into the site then they are now, so that they are less like a separate element of the site. I like the idea of a radio station there, as it adds some interactivity. Offer some podcasts too-they would work well considering the audience. Throw in some weekly opinion columns or something, maybe a featured discussion block, and this site is downright awesome!
  15. For an extension for this, try [a href=\"http://www.interaktonline.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.interaktonline.com/[/a]. Their extensions are very varied, and their file upload one does indeed work.
  16. Get rid of those borders on hover-it's ugly, I have to say. Also, get rid of the space between the headers of boxes and the sides. Bring down the size of your navigation bar, and outside of that, this all seems quite clean.
  17. Well, given that those scrollbar properties are IE-only spec, this will ruin your chances of validation or of getting them to look different in any way.
  18. If you're using PHP, then you need to have a MySQL database. Either that, or install [a href=\"http://www.interaktonline.com/Products/Free-Products/PHAkt/Overview/\" target=\"_blank\"]PHAKt[/a] as an extension for Dreamweaver to allow you to connect to Access databases.
  19. Create your top menu using a list. Set the list itself to [!--fonto:Lucida Console--][span style=\"font-family:Lucida Console\"][!--/fonto--]display: none;[!--fontc--][/span][!--/fontc--] and the things inside it to [!--fonto:Lucida Console--][span style=\"font-family:Lucida Console\"][!--/fonto--]display: inline;[!--fontc--][/span][!--/fontc--]. For an example of this, go to [a href=\"http://www.tv.com/;\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.tv.com/;[/a] they have a menu similar to what you're trying to accomplish.
  20. [list][*]The gradient behind your navigation looks ugly compared to the text color[*]Navigation padding changes erratically between pages[*]Make your changing text on the right a flash thing, with fade effects and a longer wait. Also, don't make it run up against the side like that[*]Your Secure Site lock is way too big compared to the text-scale it down a lot[*]Make your front page have a list of new models or something. As it is, it feels empty[/list]
  21. Create a dreamweaver connection to connect to the database. Also, don't post the same thread twice.
  22. That seems obvious. What Dreamweaver version are you running?
  23. Unless the code is an include file, Dreamweaver-generated, or extension-generated, Dreamweaver won't show it in any helpful way, just as a block of PHP code.
  24. Hate your side menu-it's too big and when it's hovered over, it becomes too plain. Very small site, with no border. It's next to impossible to make a site with so little actual content to actually fill up an entire screen. On your "Browse Days" screen, be sure to have it open up to your top-ranked days, with your five newest on the front page, just for usability. The worst thing, though, is that on your recent days screen, I can't even see the days, just the titles. Completely inaccessible interface design here.
  25. Well, for one thing, if it's a block element, there's no need to specify a 100% width-it will just do it automatically. Try getting rid of that declaration.
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