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    It doesn't validate in XHTML, and it doesn't validate in this forum. Shouldn't this be in the Misc. forum? Personally, I haven'y seen very many examples of that. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  2. Probably the reason why it loads so slowly is uncompressed images. Try compressing them a lot more-it will probably help. Also, on your nav, hover, why does the square not fill the entire gray line?
  3. Get rid of the underline on the nav hover effects. Also, bring the two middle lines into alignment-it would look better. As for the background, I'd go with a light green hue (very light) or a subtle gradient.
  4. Just link the image that same way. It always works the same, so long as the category id is in the same recordset.
  5. Just to add to what he said: I really don't like that (a) you say that you open new windows and then don't, and that (b) your menus stick to the mouse cursor, rather then to the side of the menu. Not very good interface design there. Oh, and © is the fact that your menu doesn't stay consistent accross pages-what's up with that?
  6. Pink? *shiver* Aside from the whole "Pink is evil" thing, this does look pretty good! the flower is nice, but the image is WAY too big from my POV. Also, the font could use some work too-I really don't like the way that you have the font, with too much curlyness for my tastes. Still, this is really good!
  7. Mambo is something that I find works well. But shouldn't this be in the Misc. Forum?
  8. Should've seen that coming, seeing as to who owns this place...
  9. Add more variety-instead of so much solid color, try throwing in a gradient or two. Be careful though-there's a fine line between adding variety and suffocating your users with color. Also, if you have multiple users posting tutorials, maybe you could float a box to the side that gives a little information, maybe even links back to their personal site/forum page. Giving users the ability to find out more about the author is always a good idea, as it makes their life easier if they want to contact them for a question or something.
  10. I'm not saying that at all; I rather like it, in fact. What I don't like is the way that you go from such a cool-looking, great header image, and then you scroll down a little to find a much more boring main content area.
  11. I use WAMP5 to execute my PHP/MySQL stuff, use Dreamweaver+InterAKT stuff to create the actual site (more powerful then you might think) and test in Netscape. (the new switching ability allows me to test in both FireFox and IE-type viewmodes)
  12. Try disabling the header image on your site; it really makes it look a lot worse. Also, when you click on a link to view tutorials in a category, like in PHP for example, the header image dissapears. You commented on my add padding thing twice, and by that, I meant that you should probably take a closer look at your sideblock headings-they tend to run up right against the edges. Now, another thing I noticed, is the fact that your footer is really, really blah right now. Round the edges at the very least!
  13. First up-and I know I say this a lot-integrate your forums into your layout. It really isn't that hard to do. And if you plan on going for a huge site, why not use the VBulletin you have on your Delphi site? It's much better for larger sites. Second, don't use tables-use CSS. Much cleaner, much faster, much easier. Third, add some padding-everything feels really scrunched together somethimes. On category pages, you also lose the header-what's up with that? The biggest thing, however, is the fact that you go from a very nice, very shiny header, to a dull, solid-color dominated main content page. Throw in a little more variety in your design. Also, I found an article you might be interested in: [a href=\"http://www.sitepoint.com/article/community-building-primer\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.sitepoint.com/article/community-building-primer[/a]
  14. Hmm... well, when i go from a PHP4 to a PHP5 server, things go screwy quite a bit with includes. MySQL also loses funtionality when you go between those two versions. Personally, I would try to find a more up-to-date host, if you want to have a cutting-edge site. Behavior can change majorly between versions, so you need to beware of that.
  15. For the right-column, instead of older topics, try doing something else, like links to related articles or topic information. Multiple columns just don't work for forums, I'm afraid.
  16. Now, something that I've learned from Vincent Flanders: Splash pages are annoying, Flash Splash pages even more so. I'd get rid of that. Also, why do you have a flash banner at the top? What's the point of that? Aside from that, I'll have to go with Mark on this one. You know, that last statement was kinda funny, if you get it.
  17. Aside from the pink skin, everything looks great! Good job! *shiver* Pink...
  18. Weird. Have you tried reinstalling? If it doesn't work then, then something is seriously messed up with your computer.
  19. You need to have it on a webserver that runs PHP. If you don't then it won't run. Try using [a href=\"http://www.en.wampserver.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]WAMP5[/a] and putting your files in the WWW directory. That will let you execute the code.
  20. Individually, they're all good sites. If you could just unify them some more though, it would probably be so much better. By integrating all of those different sections (VBulletin shouldn't be that hard to integrate, after all...) things will look so much better. Although, on your main page, not sure if I like the background behind the navigation.
  21. Again, by putting the question and answer fields underneath the same table, then it shouldn't be hard.
  22. You can't. However, you can make a db management software do it for you. I recommend [a href=\"http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php\" target=\"_blank\"]phpMyAdmin[/a] for that specific job. Just follow the installation instructions, and it's pretty easy to figure out. As for the Q/A page, make a DB table with these fields: qid question answer Also, consider taking out a book on how to use Dreamweaver-they can help you with a lot of these things.
  23. Personally, I'm a fan of Monopoly. I love the whole "Bankrupt my opponent" objective, and the capitalist ideas within it.
  24. Ah. I will do that then. Thanks for pointing that out!
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