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  1. Looks pretty good so far, you should work on your logo a little more. I think that it would look a little better with a lighter blue and less of the shadows.

    Also if the user has javascript disabled you should have a <noscript> notification showing them how to turn it on.

  2. To load them in a single array try...


    //Find total number of ips
    $query = "SELECT ip FROM table";
    $result = mysql_query($query) or die('Query failed: ' . mysql_error());
    $count = mysql_numrows($result);

    $ips = array();

    $x = 0;
    while ($x < $count):
    $ipaddress = mysql_result($result, $x, 'ipaddress');
    $ips[$x] = $ipaddress;


    Is that what you were looking for?

  3. Why do you have the id and name of the manufacturer in both tables, it would be a lot easier to just have the name in the "man" table. It will also cut down the amount of space your databse uses and actually make it faster.

    you can use $sql = ("DELETE FROM man WHERE manid = '$Manufacturer'"); to delete the manufacturer and $sql = ("DELETE FROM products WHERE manid = '$Manufacturer'");

    Hope that helps.

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