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  1. [code]if(isset($_POST['submit']) && !empty($_POST['title']) && !empty($_POST['post']))

    global $fid;

    $title = $_POST['title'];
    $post = $_POST['post'];

    $date = date('m-d-Y');

    $query = "INSERT INTO topics (`id`, `fid`, `title`, `post`, `poster`, `date`) VALUES ('', '$FID', '$title', '$post', 'Guest', '$date')";
    $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());[/code]
  2. one thing that you can do is change the id's to show alfa order. (change the first one that is supposed to be the first alphabetically to 1, the second to 2)

    It might take a while, I would try re-thinking your database.

  3. [code=php:0]// Query
    for($i = 1; $i <= $num_players; $i++) {

    $to_update = $_POST['p_'.$i];
    $fid = $_POST['fantasy_id'];

    $sql = "UPDATE fantasynascar SET p_".$i." = $to_update
              WHERE fantasy_id = $fid";


    [code=php:0]// Query
    for($i = 1; $i <= $num_players; $i++) {

    $to_update = $_POST['p_'.$i];
    $fid = $_POST['fantasy_id'];

    $sql = "UPDATE fantasynascar SET p_$i = $to_update
              WHERE fantasy_id = $fid";
  4. As I mentioned before guru.com is a great site. That is probably the safest and best places to go. I'm also on scriptlance.com which is kinda the same thing, but most of the people on there are going for the low ball bids, and I haven't gotten any work from there. elance.com is another good on like guru.

    Some more good sdvice:
    - Make sure you have a good online portfolio
    - Make sure you bid on projects you know you can complete fully (don't make promises you can't keep)
    - Quote fairly, don't go too high but don't go low enough where it's not worth it for you.
    - Have "projects" on your website. Lots of people want to see e-commerce, dating, or just plain brochure sites. If you don't have some or any of these make up a mock site so people can see what you are capable of even though you don't actually have it in your portfolio.

  5. Well, I have had a couple clients like that before. And there is really nothing that you can do in the mean time, just remember for the next. Always get half up front no matter what. Only do the work that they have already paid for, if you do more, if something goes wrong, your fault...you are out the money and time. Always remember, you are the professional...YOU are supposed to be in charge, if you aren't, you are going to get screwed over. Finding your own way to be in charge might be hard starting off...but worth while.

    and just a little side note for others - never upload to their server until the project is complete and you have been paid. No Excuses!
    I know that might sound obvious but you never know...

    obsidian: just hang in there and keep talking to them, stating that you have done whatever amount of work and you ned to get paid if the project is complete or not...that is their fault for not following though.

    freelancers - you always want to be a step ahead, if the project falls apart you want to stay on top. If they cancel the project you don't want to be begging for money, you want them to have lost out on the deal. YOU are the professional...stay that way...in charge of YOUR business.

    A good site to go and sign up on is guru.com there are ways to protect both the professional and the client including escrows and project ageements. So if anything happens outside of what is listed in the agreement guru.com goes after them. This is a great site and i have gotten a lot of work from it.

    Hope this helped let me know if anyone has any questions about anything.

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