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  1. You can try and use FEDERATED tables.
  2. FYI, this isn't as effecient as using a dervied table with this information, since it doesn't depend on the player_score value (so a subquery is expensive for no reason).
  3. You'll need to have a serve script that print the appropriate headers... but this isn't a mysql question.
  4. Hidden fields are totally useless for security.
  5. And you're confident it's the mysql connection, not the connection itself?
  6. I feel like a broken record... there's a sticky on the Installation child board -- read it and see if that leads you in the right direction.
  7. There's a sticky in the Installation child board that you should read.
  8. Root is the default... you have to make some users.
  9. Then you have some reading to do...
  10. Sort of... there's meta information about the tables that can be queried...
  11. First, you can extract each piece of the date using mysql functions, but I don't see really why you're doing this....
  12. If find it hard to believe that it's the connection as opposed to a query....
  13. I'd recommend this instead: SELECT p.purchaseID, p.productID, u.userName FROM products.productInformation p JOIN user.users u ON p.userID = u.userID ORDER BY u.userName But it should have worked syntactically both ways.
  14. And then you don't need to LOCK/UNLOCK the tables.
  15. Have you ever worked with JOINs before?
  16. Normalized, faster, better, logical, etc.
  17. If you really want to be fancy, you can issue an alter table statement and sort the whole table,then the rows will be retrieved the way you want them. Really? It doesn't "know" how you want your results, YOU told it to be ordered a certain way. If it can figure out a fast way to do it, it will -- otherwise it will take more work. Try and get a card dealer to deal from the bottom of the deck instead, see if it takes any longer.
  18. But which machine will you store the images on if it's not in the db?
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