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  1. Jeeze, big move. I had been thinking of doing the same but feared it might throw to many off. lol yeah... gonna take some getting used to, even for me... feels weird... but I figure I'll get used to it eventually. Figured it was time to "grow up" a little Was gonna say, who the frak is that .josh son of a bitch. Turns out to be that CV son of a bitch.
  2. Yew, can I get mine changed to Jaysonic please. ProjectFear, gah, what was I thinking back in those days. Please and thanks.
  3. I'm currently using Notepad++ for a fairly big project. I admit, it's not the best for it. Takes a bit more time to get around, but I like it. I'm thinking of upgrading to something which manages projects a bit better. Have to see how I go..
  4. Nah mate, could possibly be a plugin for it, doubt it though. Notepad++ only shows you the code, which is what most people are after with a code editor. To view your page, open it up in a browser.
  5. md5() and a good salt does the trick for me. If someone wants to crack something, making it harder will make them want to crack it more. I'm not saying don't hash it or anything, just don't go overboard and what not. If people really really want in, they'll find a way.
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