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  1. Just because you hate it doesn't mean everyone else does. PHP is a very useful language for me. If you get fluent in it, it'll be a less of a pain for you. Trust me. PHP is powerful.
  2. Didn't you mean to ask how you can achieve this by the server doing it automatically (instead of doing it manually by yourself)?
  3. I've never had that problem happen with Firefox. What version of IE are you using?
  4. Please wait at least an hour before double posting. Also, I suggest you look up read about some of the functions (that's been included in the custom functions) on php.net
  5. First of all, this is posted in the wrong section. Second of all, post your code.
  6. The registration form doesn't work... It only shows the template after I've submitted the form.
  7. I see another problem. When a user doesn't fill in a required field, and the popup shows up, the values for all the required input boxes shows up as "{$_POST[". You might want to fix that.
  8. Is there any error messages? If so, post the error message, and ONLY the file it's referring to.
  9. What does the Javascript function do at the bottom of the page (I'm not fluent in Javascript)?
  10. For code testing, I have PHP/MySQL server installed on my computer. To update, I just redirect the users to an "update in progress" page using either PHP or .htaccess.
  11. Yes, I believe so. Or... <form name="CornerstoneForm" method="POST" action="mailto:markspjr@gmail.com">
  12. Even though the security image works, the script doesn't check that all the required fields (other than the CAPTCHA) are filled in. I just filled in the captcha, and it displays the thank you page. You might want to fix that.
  13. Right. I'll try that out. Thanks.
  14. Right. Why didn't I think of that before? Thanks.
  15. Yes, I've read that page and read all of the comments. The codes posted there either saves the session data to files (which I really don't want) or they don't really explain a lot. I want to be able to save sessions to a database, so I can easily view who logged in/logged out and at what time/date. Since I am more fluent with PHP/MySQL than PHP/Files, that's the route I want to take. Any suggestions?
  16. The link you've provided doesn't work.
  17. Scroll down. It's on the left corner of the topic.
  18. If you want somebody else to do it for you, post in the freelancing forum. Otherwise, post some CODE.
  19. Since I have yet to find a good and easy-to-follow tutorial on session_set_save_handler, I am just coding my own PHP session system where it saves a user's activity throughout the site into a MySQL database. Tell me if I need any improvements to my logic. Logging in First, when a user logs in, I will first check to see that the user/pass they've provided matches the ones stored in the database. Then, I will get the PHPSESSID from that user ($_REQUEST['PHPSESSID']) and put that as a value in a cookie. Then, I will INSERT the uid (user id) and the PHPSESSID in a seperate, sessions table. I will then create a session ($_SESSION) named after the user's uid. Browsing throughout the site On all of the secure pages, I will just include the session_check.php file. session_check.php Every time a user loads the page, I will first check that the $_SESSION['uid'], and the PHPSESSID cokkie exists. Then, I will take the value of that cookie, and check it against the PHPSESSID data stored in the database. If it matches, the user may continue on. If it doesn't (or one doesn't exist), the user will be redirected to login.php. So, can you make any suggestions to improve this system? Or do you have a good tut on session_set_save_handler that stores it in a database?
  20. I wish you good luck on your AP test. I hope you pass.
  21. The yellow nav bar stands out too much IMO. Also, the forum should have small links at the top leading back to the section the topic was posted in. Other than that, good job!
  22. Maybe it's because you have two options selected at the same time. <option selected>' . $row["area"] . '</option> and <option selected>Miscellaneous</option>
  23. I'm not sure, but maybe it's because of the size attribute. Try removing the size altogether.
  24. The first thing you should do is to see if your host/server actually supports/allows the use of .htaccess files. I found this off of Google.
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