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  1. You can use a regex to check for numbers
  2. Ok, and it doesn't print anything out? Try adding <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors",true); ?> to the top of the index page
  3. That would limit you to one file, if you want to use more than one file just make it an array and a for (or foreach) loop
  4. Just glancing through change this <?php $blog_file = file_get_contents('blogtext.txt'); $blog_list = explode('~', $blog_file); foreach ($blog_list as $value) { echo '<?php ' . $value . ?>'; } ?> to <?php $blog_file = file_get_contents('blogtext.txt'); $blog_list = explode('~', $blog_file); foreach ($blog_list as $value) { echo $value ; } ?> or if u wnted the php tags <?php $blog_file = file_get_contents('blogtext.txt'); $blog_list = explode('~', $blog_file); foreach ($blog_list as $value) { echo '<?php ' . $value . '?>'; }
  5. What i am saying is that the code that you showed us for the page is different to the source code you just showed us. First off its all capitalised! Check and make sure you are viewing the right page
  6. If that is the source code of the script posted at the top then you are looking at the wrong page.
  7. What have you got so far, and what problems are you coming across?
  8. Please use code tags And that code doesn't help without more information or/and code.
  9. Just when someone goes to the page check if the download time is over and if it is remove it from the db or whatever you want, that or run a cron job.
  10. Wow, if you did know that then you would know what you are doing wrong. If i am right from your badly written question, all you need to do is change them to radio boxes with the same name.
  11. No you don't that is what you are telling it to print, btw i might be able to save you some hassle with my kinda ajax pagination using mysql http://djw-webdesign.awardspace.com/code.php?snippet=11
  12. Yes, and you shouldn't need to change anything, i take it you are setting up your own server?
  13. Ok first off make sure you have connected to the database, to check add if(mysql_ping()) { echo "Connected"; } else echo "not"; put that above the query, then after the query put echo mysql_num_rows($commentids); And tell me the output
  14. Yes try it, but don't forget to use quotation marks in the echo. Also i hope you are using $_POST['']; to get the post data and not $_SERVER['HTTP_POST_VARS'] (or whatever it is)
  15. Wow, i asked one question and amazingly you failed to anwser
  16. Use $_POST, $_GET is used for site searches and user profiles etc. mainly not for things like login forms etc. When you press refresh the url will still be http://mysite.com?dataGetter. Or just redirect once you have done the data stuff
  17. Are you running the file without a host just in your browser?
  18. The code should show you the checkbox for z-a checked and the other unchecked and then when u check one the other will still stay checked.
  19. try SELECT o.offerid , o.name, o.incent, o.type, o.reporting, o.category , IFNULL( e.pay_value, o.pay_value ) AS pay_value FROM offers as o JOIN exceptions as e USING (pay_value,offerid) WHERE o.status = 'On' ORDER BY o.pay_value $orderx LIMIT $from, $max_results
  20. I don't think you will find one here, if you want a tutorial then google php comment tutorial. Or if you want to make one then the first thing you want to do is choose between a database and text based system, once you have done that then we can help you create the code.
  21. Lol, thanks, btw look at using CSS for widths Also placing a star in front of something in CSS will make it only for IE
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