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  1. The calculation is not the problem for now as I can do it either later on as the products are populated. The main issue I have now is to retrieve prices based on selection
  2. Am not saying I cannot retrieve the value for the prices. What I want is for the price to auto populate once the product is selected and that can't be done with php alone I guess
  3. How do I get the price based on the selected product firstly?
  4. Hi all, How can i auto populate the price of an item based on a chosen product and then auto calculate the price and quantity before hitting the ADD button. I think it should be a javascript/ajax/jquery stuff but dont know how to go about it. The Unit price should be auto populated based on valu from the database. The amount is the Unit Price times the Quantity of the Product Selected. Thanks My form <form action="" method="post" data-toggle="validator"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="form-group"> <label>Item Name&l
  5. In between, The download attribute is not supported by older browsers though
  6. The concatenation does the job. The work of concatenation(the dot) is to join. So mine as well is very ok. So whichever way you feel like, its up to you!
  7. Oops! somehow through trial and error i got it working. Thanks.
  8. Hi guys, I stored the path of a file in a database and the file in a folder, now i want users to click on a link and be able to download the file. I tried: echo " Download <a href=".$file_path." download>Here</a>"; ?> Didnt work, just took me to the path of the image. What i want is a link and when clicked the download window pops out. Thanks
  9. Thanks all. Seen the problem. It was from an a file i included. It was obsolete. Uses mysql instead of mysqli. Problem resolved. Thanks
  10. Dont know if its off or on (live) but on my local server everything is working just fine
  11. Hi all. My database just stopped connecting? I have tried everything i could but no way! When i login to the page, it shows just blank page. So i started trying to figure out what could be the problem by disabling some included files. Then i discovered the problem is from my database connection. I re-uploaded the files and still not working (still blank) What could have happened and what can i do? I even went as far as creating the database connection inside the page to see if it will work but still no way! Thanks
  12. Yeah. I know PHPMailer will save resource, that is what i initially planned to use but the loop is where i have problem so i just decided to use the mail() function. How will the loop look like?
  13. Was thinking there's a way i could do a select and send mails instead multiple sendmail
  14. Hi guys, Whats the best way of sending mails from multiple table? This is what i did, but i feel there should be a better way of doing it cos sometime it delivers and sometimes it doesn't (don't know why though). Thanks $subj="New Sign up Notification"; $header="MIME-Version: 1.0" . "\r\n"; $header .="Content-type:text/html;charset=UTF-8" . "\r\n"; $header .="From: GOODGUYS<noreply@yoyo.com>"; //TABLE 1 $t1 = "table1"; $stmt = $pdo->query(" SELECT t1_email, t1_name FROM $t1 "); while($rows = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $t1_name = $rows['t1_name'];
  15. Thanks. I have updated the column. But my question now is what will be best to generate a random number to avoid duplicate? or should something; if duplicate entry, regenerate a another code. something of that nature. just asking.
  16. Thanks. will try that out. how do you mean assigning value of a counter?
  17. Thanks. But it seems you don't understand what i want or trying to say. But i guess i will just have to start creating the table afresh. The only issue i have now is that if mt_rand doesn't guarantee uniqueness, how can one create/generate a unique id then outside the primary key? Thanks all the same
  18. I have an id already but i want to add associate_id and populate the column with unique value without doing it one after the other. The id column is different from the associate_id. The associate_id is the new column i want to add.
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