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  1. haha I knew Global warming was a scam. It rained all the last summer, and right now there is no snow outside and its cold as ice in my apt. If anything were headed for some kind of ice age, not warming. 2012 is just more end of the world bs for some suckers to buy into, probably the scientists involved with that took the mayan calender and made all the shit up about it. There just scams to arose people's fears, and make money while doing it. Some scares were the 2000 glitch and also the terrorist warnings on the tv,anthrax, BSE, Sars.
  2. Not sure about the Harddrives in laptops, but the ones in Desktop computers will break if you jerk them the wrong way. I had the misfortune of finding this out the hard way while installing mine, I dropped it only about 3 feet onto the carpet, still was toast though. After that is just made a clicking noise and wouldn't work. Had to order a new one.
  3. I have never seen the search results like that yet, I have noticed the "fade in" effect on the homepage though, I don't particularly care for it, but its not hurting the search anyways. Has anyone had this problem? You type something really fast, then go to click "search" and that drop down hint box comes in just right before you click "search" and you click on the drop down hint box, searching for something you didn't want to search for? lol
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  5. And reinvent wheel the large retarded way? This is a feature in Firefox.Oh noe! You wouldn't think browser had that feature? Why are we passing this stupid law. The internet is stateless without cookies you can't tell if the person who took your consent form is the same person when come the next day wihout a cookie, once they clear their cookies there signing the consent form again! This is a browser problem, not a website problem. Browsers already cover this quite well least for those who are smart and know how to use the internet and their browser. Maby they should put an extra BIG button (for the noobs) in the browser informing the user they can block cookies from websites in their browser.
  6. It sounds like it might be related to 32bit x86 Assembly , you know the language real programmers use. http://www.masm32.com
  7. There is probably 1,000,000,000 cookies everyday that are set on computers, people often delete their cookies quite frequently, cookies are needed for a website to work properly. Asking a user on each pageload of new site to consent to accepting it just retarded, Secondly There is already option in browser's for the user to ask "If they want to allow this to set cookie" when one received. What dumbass politicians. They dont understand a f'in thing about the internet.
  8. I think understand what you mean, intellesense saves time, say you forget if the method in a class or function file is Foo_bar() or foo_bars(), the intellense will save you from having to open the file and look. That could save you a few minutes at best. But then again waiting .5- 1 seconds each time you open a file can be irratating, its like waiting for a slow website to load. We know that the average internet user will not wait more then 5 seconds, then will close your site. For me I would like a IDE that open up the files microseconds, like 0.002, that my 'threshold" before I get irritated. lol
  9. I have an AMD Phenom Quad Core, with 4GB ram. Edit: Here is my rig. Built it myself. Its not that my computer is slow, its Java.
  10. How can you stand the IDE written in Java? In FlashDevelop I can click on the [+] thing beside the folder in the structure tree, and click on it as fast I can click the mouse and it responds fast, thats what I'm looking for, those IDEs, you click on them and have to wait like 0.5-1 seconds. The "lag" effect Gets on my nerves, same thing opening the php files. I guess I'm stuck with Notepad++ for php. I did find a cool "Folder' viewing for Notepad++ so its starting to look more like a IDE, but still missing the intelsense.
  11. Tried Komodo, slow too, click on a "folder" has a lag of probably 0.9 seconds too long to show the structure. Almost as bad as the Java ones.
  12. So I'm I was using FlashDevelop IDE for learning how to make a game in Actionscript 3.0, I liked it alot. I"m really wondering is there PHP IDE's like that? Its soo fast... Seriously download and try it out, its so shiny and fast, I think it uses the famous free icons from famfamfam.com. Its written in C# too. I was thinking if I could find a IDE like that for PHP, I would be blazing threw my projects. The ones I can find for PHP are written in slow ass Java! Damn what were they thinking, I can't stand it. Netbeans and Eclipse are off my list, next some of those are only Mac. I can't find anything that is like Flashdevelop for PHP. :'(
  13. I heard you shouldn't $_REQUEST , you should be more specific and use $_GET or $_POST.
  14. Huge amount of GB can be a pain to move from a shared host. Moving large files sucks up all the CPU. I know, becuase I have moved from one dedicated server to anther its a long process of gzipping and transfering and make the server slow as hell, sometimes the server would jsut crash, then I would have to restart it all, and shut off apache and everything to get every bit of CPU and RAM on the server to move the data without crashing. I guess if you want a No-hassle move in the future I would get a VPS.
  15. Well you do and you dont, take this for example, http://www.iwantthathair.com/body-lotions-s/47.htm The /body-lotions-s/ is made probably programmtically, the 47 is the ID in the table, but that generates a bad problem, since /body-lotions-s/ is not actually checked in the db along with id, You can do this hxxp://www.iwantthathair.com/lollolololololollolololololololololol-s/47.htm (not linked so a search bot doesn't follow this) Malicious things can happen, if someone can generate infinite urls to a page. For example I could generat all kinds of urls to pointing your page, then spam them everywhere and you get your site penalized for duplicate content.
  16. btw if you dont have a seo url slug, sometimes in a web application a design change like that might be too late. You can use just the auto-incrementing ID of the row that the article, product or whatever is in. So instead of article.php?id=10 You could do this. /article/10 .htaccess just grabs the "10" and does the same thing, sends it to your script and your script finds the row where id is 10.
  17. Thing about that is your web application need to have a "seo url" slug, stored in the database alongside the ID. The slug is a formated version of the title of your page, so say your page is. "Foo widget and Acme Widgets" , the seo version would be "foo-widget-acme-widgets" , that would be stored in the DB too. When you create your pages, you take the seo url slug and put into the links on your site programmatically. example/articles/foo-widget-acme-widgets/ .htaccess grabs the "foo-widget-acme-widgets", sends it to the article.php file, article.php?page=foo-widget-acme-widgets , "foo-widget-acme-widgets" is sent into the db and to retrieve the content where the row has "foo-widget-acme-widgets".
  18. Now make sure to include cryptographic perverts in your forms.
  19. Well it stands for number used once http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptographic_nonce Most web application software use these extensivly in once or another to prevent CSRF. A very simple CRSF example would be if I put on this forum in a img tag, the logout url.. You view the page, the img tags loads the logout url.. Now your logged out. Request forgery in its most simple form. But you'll see the logout link on the forum has a nonce, but at one time, on forums, they didn't and people abused this as a joke. Or put links like Click here i will hack you!.
  20. If you use Asido, you can make you code alot less. Plus its awseme.
  21. You can send a PNG image from PHP by changing the header to <?php header("Content-Type: image/x-png"); That tells the browser its an PNG image. The actual File extension .php , .png, jpg etc, really are meaningless. Its the header that matter. Edit, I see you already have that. Well I guess you can do what AlexWD says. Is the forum your trying to put php image not allowing .php ext in the image name? Its kinda stupid though. Since the ext, as I said is meaningless, specially if you can just change the .png to served as php on the server with that .htaccess, it just shows you how flawed such "restrictions" are. They fail. Most forum dont' except images from externals sources, I imagine it would be easy to server up a Javascript threw a supposed image, then do XSS somehow with the image tag.
  22. It think some Bots send POST to your website, without even actually visiting your site. Put a Nonce in your comment form too, save the nonce in a hidden field, and also the browser session. That forces the bot to least visit your page. Its also good practice for pretty much everything to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery. When you get a post do, if($_POST['nonce'] != $_SESSION['nonce']){ $error['nonce'] = "Oops your nonce did not match"; }
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