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  1. With so many threads I find it strange is that I never come across PHPfreaks posts in Google while searching for coding related questions. The sites I do come across are like devshed, (which I really hate becuase their code/content is shitty formatted and crowded in by ads) and dreamincode and some Scraper Site called bigresource or something. I think however it may be the forum software, I never really come across SMF forum threads in Google. I think Google bot doesn't like SMF.
  2. There was a company that controlled India when the British Empire was huge called the East India company.
  3. As long as there is no readily available software ready to go opensource that anyone can download, it will keep the noobs out from compiting with you, I reckon from obversation most webmasters who use google adsense can't code there way out of a paper bag, there not much of a threat to your idea.
  4. I really don't think it worth the hassle unless you have a lot of traffic that it actually might save a noticeable about of bandwidth. Something I do go threw the trouble off is too turn all the icons and parts of the template into CSS sprites, and also put all the sprites threw PNGCrush. That often adds noticeable loading improvements to the site and descreases the HTTP requests to the website. HTTP requests are expensive, specially with Apache, I think one slot take 15MB ram on my server, So I want them to get everything as quick as possible and close the slot.
  5. I think that its a pain in the arse, because then you have to keep another un-minified copy of it. Everytime you want to modify it, you have to minify it again. The only app I could find for that is a CLI one threw MS-DOS. So I dont even bother with it myself. Unless I had so much traffic that minifying it could save like a least 1/mbps.
  6. I can imagine how long some of those enterprise programs like Photoshop take to compile. They may as well leave their desk.
  7. I know this trilogy is a few years old, but I watched The matrix, Matrix reloaded, and Matrix revolutions 2 nights ago, I was thinking about it. The Matrix 2 and 3 were crap. Were all understanding here of programming methodology right? Well thats were the crap shines threw in #2 and #3, its just doens't make any sense some of the things that happened in that movie from a programming stand point. I think the crap came from when they put oracle and this other nonsense into the movie. For example in Revelotions how does a train station with a train man make any fucking sense serilsy? Why would program have a kid and a wife? Also how does Neo manage to see in #3 when his eyes are gone? Thats not realistic, unless their implying that the real world in also a matrix, that would mean the The Matrix is an emedded world inside another matrix, which might imply recursion. Anyways I can't really describe here in words without making this a TLDR, but #2 and #3 were bullocks from a programming methodology point of view. #1 was good, that actually made sense. For example everything in the matrix could be written in OOP, just tons of objects extending other objects, with the basic rules of gravity. Thats why #1 made sense for me and I liked it, #2 and #3 didn't do it for me, also that oracle women really made just want to punch her the face, they only thing she said "Is why and why this, why? You know the answer, its not about choice its about why? Spare me!, That got to be the worse proverbial dribble I have had to endure!. haha
  8. I don't think I'm being superficial, what I listed is just the framework [wtf did I just framework?] of my ideal women, there is a lot there that is negotiable. Doing two women at the same time is not necessarily immoral, the social consequences that come from it are what make it immoral, which is really what immoral implies, something that damages the fabric of society, corrupting and perverting it.
  9. Good techno-babble explanation @ http://techfiles.de/dmelanchthon/files/memory_hole.pdf
  10. how else do you plan on getting a 3-some? You can't seriously call yourself a man and not want a 3-some... Nope I think such things are moral wrong.
  11. I would like a women as long as she doesn't have kids, not bi or lesbo, becuase those women just waste your fucking time, and not fat. I also dont like brown eyes, I would prefer green or blue.
  12. I like D&D styled games, My name is from a character called Keldorn Firecam in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. I liked the character becuase he embodies my personal morals. Honor and Good.
  13. Thats pretty much the problem right there, there too cheap. Custom software is not cheap. Looking at scriptlance I cant belive that there is people there quoting things like 20 days delivery for $1,000. There out of their minds, or the software they will deliver is going to be garbage, and if you live in the western countries $1,000 might not pay your rent, and 20 days is pretty much almost a whole month shot to hell for $1,000. You'll be a programmer in poverty.
  14. Like to change my statement to dvddrypter being 'grey area' software, according the wiki article a Supreme Judge in the U.S declared it illegal. It might be illegal to own it if you live in United States. The site hosting it is on a U.K server. You gotta love that DRM crap.
  15. Nero will burn DVD's but its not free. Have you heard of DVDdycrypter? I remember it can rip DVD's to Image Roms and burn the roms to DVD's. Buts its illegal software becuase it circumvents DRM. You can't download it anywhere, you have to *find it.* Edit: Your in Luck, just Google "dvd decrypter" there is a mirror hosting it. The site must be hosted in one those offshore servers.
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