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  1. Where are you getting $this->userId ? That looks to be undefined. (by your code).. If you want to do this, you have to convert it to an asscotive array, the loop over it in the html. So function forumTopics() { $sql = "SELECT * FROM forum_topic WHERE forum_topic.user_id='".$this->userId."' ORDER BY datetime ASC LIMIT 5"; $tmp = mysql_query($sql); while ($line = mysql_fetch_assoc($tmp)){ $result[] = $line; } // Check if its an array (meaning there is a result) if(is_array($result)){ return $result; } else { return false; } $Topics = $user->forumTopics($user); // if returned false, then this will trigger. if(!$topics){ // nothing found error } // Then loop it
  2. That probably is the reason, the games I'm playing are old classics, that ran on windows 95, like Resident Evil. Also I meant to say Jeff atwood the programmer, not Tony atwood that guy who helps people with Aspergers. @ my bad. But most people who are good programmers have Aspergers, so the name mixup is very hilarious by irony.
  3. User Access Control is the worse addition to any operating system ever. Its like javascript alerts on a web page. I hope Window's 7 scrapped the idea all together Doesn't Linux run as non-admin? I've heared this is why windows is so prone to viruses. Tony Atwood @ codinghorror states this in a few of his blog posts, that windows shouldn't be run as admin. They may of been trying to fix that in Vista, but went horrible wrong. How does linux handle heightened operations that require admin privileges, like installing a program, does it make you enter a password or what? In vista is pops up that annoying access control were all familiar with.( Even though your might be logged in as admin already...)
  4. Sometimes when I'm playing a video game, I have to run it as "administrator" else the game can't save (Because it has no write permissions), and crashes. So yeah I agree. I can't count how many times that screwed me over while playing game, only to have to quit the game, and lose all my game progress, then restart it again.
  5. True, I'll agree, Visitor loyalty is not permanent, but old habits are hard to crack. It will take a lot of advertising to convince users to use your application/service then the competitor who was there first. I think that learning programming already puts way over the bar of entry, since you can create software that works and runs, that 99% of the webmasters out there can't do. If your hiring someone else to create your software, then you might end up spending a a lot of money, more then the site will ever make. Spcially if you paying 25$/hour, is your time worth $25 hour? Then I would do it yourself, of couse the next barrier is the time it take to learn web programming and become competent with something like PHP. I think Social networking sites are probably completely at that point now where there is no more room however for new competitors, or rather I mean any new ones that will go "viral", and open source premade social networks script exist now like Dolphin, So in fact that door is closed now. My general consensuses now is that If you see a niche, and there is free scripts available for it, do not enter, or maby check it out, there probably already is a thousand clones of the sites up and running, probably not worth time. Becuase the barrier of entry has already been lowered for non-programming newbs to get in, which you'll have to compete with. Barrier to entry is very important, I think its a good model to go by. Now since I've become pretty competent with PHP, (It took me 2 years of time to learn) I'm going to put this theory to the test. I'll start by just cloning websites I see where the barrier to entry is a bit high. I feel like I'm talking out of my ass here now, but yeah, I'd like to hear what anyone else thinks it takes to make that successful startup that actually make real money. But I'm pretty much convinced you have to be competent at programming and developing web applications if you going to get anywhere with it.
  6. I watched that video last night before I posted this thread. I agree with alot of what he says though. I'm not tyring to create the next Facebook, but I would like to create the next site in the top 10,000 websites. Least then I might make few K a month. I would be happy and content. Thats not too shabby as he says. Your deffinatly right, some of the top sites are losing money. I wouldn't run a site like that. Their probably burning threw VC money. Its the VC investors that will be picking up the tab, its their money there throwing at it. lol
  7. Your talking about content websites. Which is very low barrier to entry. I dont think it matters if you can clone a site, in x days, all that matters if your one of the 1st people in the niche with the application. Most people are very, whats the word.. prone to visitor loyalty. If your the first one there and your sites get popular and goes to 2,000 Alexa rank. Your pretty much set. Have you ever made an application in the niche that was saturated? Your application is more clean maby better, but that bad looking one that was there first, still is rocking? And your sites is still make one 1 cent a day? Yeah thats the logic there. Your screwed, unless you spend a 100K on adveristing to say to users. HEY HERE IS MY NEW SITE. Becuase your going to have to get their attention(!). Its not worth your time to even enter a niche like that. Here let me a give you an example of a niche I'm been trying. There is this site called Proxy.org, check it out. Simple site right? I bet any of us could clone that site over weekend, in fact I have, (Which is this site). That site make like $6K a month , you see those green links? People pay the owner $250/month for those spots. There is also new clone of that proxy.org site being made everyday. As you can see here. Simple put, its saturated beyond believe. You will wasting your time if you try to get into that position of x site that was there first. Okay lets be honest, isn't this the same low level crap the newbs who are trying to make online are doing? I'm not talking out of my ass here, I've been doing this since, Nov 2007 and made maby $20,000 with advertisments. Its really really hard to actually make real money online that will pay your mortage with crappy content websites. Its not going to work. Not only that , its likely to get your banned from whatever adnetwork your in. Regenerated articles, with adsense already have a name, its called a MFA (Made for adsense) spam sites, those will get your banned from adsense once you start making something noticiable from the crappy content. So your efforts will be vain. I also myself report those scrapper sites to google when I come across becuase they piss me off. Anyways who want to manage 100 or 1000 sites? I'm talking about making that web application that hits in the top 10,000 websites on the internet. That whats you want to aim for. Thats where the real money is. To do that you have to be programmer. Becuase your crating something that doesn't exist, Its not something you can download "premade", and if there is, its means your already too late to get in the door.
  8. No not unique, I've developing a web application where There is only few competitors I've come across.There is no Clone script available. So barrier to entry is high. The programming task is moderately difficult. But nothing I can't handle.
  9. Actually I did say its not impossible, But Digitalpoint was one of the first webmaster sites on the scene. But what I think this boils down to is the barrier of entry. If you bought Vbulletin, or someother forum software, threw it up, and your one the frist people doing it, you will have success, becuase there is no other competition. Your one the first ones launching the web application. By developing a web application, that there is no clone for and maby online a few other competitors, that already creates a HIGH barrier of entry. Since no one else can make the website you have easily. Specially of those who can't program. Your sites stands out, and is noticed by users. Generates tons of traffic and money from ads. How many Digg clones is there? Are they doing good and making a million dollars? Probably not. You wont make tons of money online download premade scripts that are clones. There is to much low level compition online among clone websites that are simple free or paid scripts that you download, and run with no programming knowledge. Those sites will never have success. Never make a million dollars. (At least this my take on the pittfalls of trying to make money online with advertisements)
  10. What you fail to realize is that the link you provided entirely contradicts your argument. That forum is v bulletin - not created by the webmaster and they seem to be doing really well. Click around the threads. Click on every sig links you come across and you'll what I'm talking about. Almost of all the site, their are 1. Fill the brim with adsense, affialite links, 2. Running wordpress, 3. Might have a nice template, 3 . Running a free downloadable turnkey script, 4. Has really bad written content.
  11. I'm kinda curious what some of you guys think on this. Okay so if your familiar with this model, you make a website, throw adsense on it, and you make money online. Simple right? Maby. Too often I see people make crappy sites, with wordpress or some "pre-made" script, their site never goes anywhere, but to clog the internet up with another crappy website. These people are making like $1 a day with adsense for months... They keep repeating the same process. Do you think these people are missing the bigger picture, that to actually run a website that will make good money, you have to be into programming? Really look at all the big sites you might frequent, each and everyone of them must be owned by people or a person who programmed it themselves. Right? I mean just look into the top 10,000 most popular websites on the internet by Alexa, I think probably 99% of them are owned by people who programmed the whole site themselves. Seriously if you dont believe me, hit up a big webmaster forum like forums.digitalpoint. There is near infinite supply of these kinds of webmasters who do this. Okay I'm not saying that its impossible to run a succesfull website running something like wordpress or any other premade script, but your chances are pretty slim. Are your chances better if you actually make unique web application coding it from scratch?
  12. I use Notepad++ , I like it so much. I made a donation to the creator of it. Which you can see my name now on the donor list!
  13. Greed is more important then human evolution. Luckily though not everybody is like that, there are some great people that have gave us some great open source stuff that has really contributed to the internet. Like Linux, mysql, PHP,. Can you imagine if there was no linux,php or mysql and only windows, and paid databases? First anyone who wanted to run a website would have to use proprietary windows server, properiety databases, properietyer this and that. I guarantee you that that whole economy would be a lot worse off, there would be less skilled programmers, since most got their head start with opensouce, there would be a lot less websites and more greedy mega websites. The whole internet might of been a 500 channel tv. But I guess for the greedy corporations that would be their wet dream.
  14. huh? This always returns to the first echo. How is that not always true? Well I dont really understand myself. $id = '0'; // if($id !='0' || $id !='1'){ echo "First echo"; } else { echo "will never happen"; }
  15. Here is a video from standford that explains why 2 statments with != and || will be always be true.
  16. You can get a vps for around $30 - 60 a month , how is that a ton? If you not making enough, then you should reconider a new employment or cancel that case of beer and large pizza.
  17. Are you using shared hosting? I've been hearing about this a lot, of injected code on websites. It all seems be originating from shared hosting.
  18. Here is a logical OR || trap, I wonder how many people fall for this trap and are left scratching their heads? $id = '0'; // Dont proceed if id is 1 or 0 if($id !='0' || $id !='1'){ exit('It\s a trap'); } ?> But making || to && makes it work. Has anyone here made this mistake? lol
  19. What is mac exactly? Is it an OS or different hardware? or maby both.. I'm for keeping things universal. If Mac is using different hardware, then I would be against it. Can you install mac on a PC? I never really understood it. Someone enlighten me.
  20. I once bought a video sharing website software called Clip-share ($299). The project ended up dead, and I lost the code. The way their website works is that you pay extra for extended downloads(which I didn't pay), So I can't get the software back by redownloading it. what a waste of money, I should of pirated it. I hope you don't treat your customers like that.
  21. [quote author=roopurt18 link=topic=54859.msg1310893#msg1310893 date=1258431898] Because academics don't write production code. [/quote] I can't think of much of anything intelligent say in responce. Except that school are usually good for teaching you stuff you won't actually use in the real world. I never understood why schools teach like that. Its just a dumb thing. If you have some guy in a school and he is a brutish looking guy, why teach him Alegrbra? The school should be sticking that guy in a machine shop to learn welding or how to rip apart a car. Teach people the right stuff.  ;) [code]Try typing 'str_' and then hitting 'Ctrl + Space Bar', code hint??[/code] Very cool, I somehow missed this part of what you wrote, but I tried it out. Is there a way to make that automatic? ctrl+spacebar is not very fast.
  22. [quote author=gevans link=topic=54859.msg1306704#msg1306704 date=1257849583] [quote author=keldorn link=topic=54859.msg1303608#msg1303608 date=1257419960] Okay ladies and gents. I use Notepad++  (Waits for pitchforks), yes I memorize and type out functions and methods and do everything without code hints or anything. [/quote] It seems you may as well be using Notepad. Notepad++ comes wit a lot of good features, one of them being autocomplete. Try typing 'str_' and then hitting 'Ctrl + Space Bar', code hint?? [/quote] Notepad++ just has syntax highlighting, it does have autocomplete which basically just throws all your previously typed stuff into it, so if you typed $_SESSION in your code, $_SESSION will appear once you type $_[...] , a little bit convient. I find Notepad++ syntax highlighting is way better then netbeans. I tried netbeans and thought I like it last week while starting a new web application. But I ended up in notepad++ again. It was mostly becuase the syntax highlighting and also becuase netbeans in written in Java, so it has that "lag" effect all java apps have. Even on my 4GB ram and quad core, still no difference, Java apps are still slower.  The price you pay for using an interpreted language. They should of wrote in c++, I dont see why java is such a rave among academics. Its a horribly slow language. :D
  23. Insane, I find Dubai interesting in its Building designs, its definitely the poster child of the futuristic city we've been waiting for.
  24. (Austrilia) Australia I can never spell right, the spell checker gets it every time.
  25. hmm Good thinking, it was, cleared the cache and the image is working. There is a bug in the cache. I wonder if I should report this to Mozilla bug tracker.
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