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  1. Break that page apart and see where the action goes and if it uses some kind of token for confirmation then try sending the data to that instead of the first page, if that does not work then have a second piece of curl code to submit whatever you parse out of $result. HTH Teamatomic
  2. What browser? HTH Teamatomic
  3. What do you mean "post" the confirmation page. That should be your $result, which you are echoing. HTH Teamatomic
  4. You are not sending compress output. I used curl to check. Try the file I have attached. Just upload it and run it. HTH Teamatomic [attachment deleted by admin]
  5. Try this: for($i=0;$i<20;$i++) { ob_start(); echo "$i<br>"; flush(); ob_end_flush(); sleep(1); } HTH Teamatomic
  6. When in winblows I use Rapid PHP, I really like it. When in linux I use bluefish Teamatomic
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