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  1. I guess yes. But if you are showing the numbers you like in a form and not what they supply keep in mind you don't use the post data from the forms since that is not what you want. If the above is unclear. please make your question more precise and/or give an example, but as far as i understand your question yes this is possible.
  2. ouch that's a hard one. I think the only way is by using some sort of discount system. Where the customer get's a discount ones he uses a special ID of yours. But than again, the seller, can trick you in to selling stuff with discount, but leaving no traces of your number. So i think you should give customers the possibility to get discount ones they checked in the invoice at your place. But really this is albout atrusting the other party i think, because all the customer wants is buy stuff as fast and easy as possible. Maybe you should let them buy stuf via your site instead of redirecting them to the other store.
  3. haha little brother is getting ahead of me
  4. Hi nightslyer, Although i don't use photoshop, (I ones did but switched to free Gimp, and inkscape for vector design, which is alot of fun) i can really recommend this website: http://www.yourinspirationweb.com/en/category/design/ every now and than they have a theme like "restaurent website" or "urban" "grudge" etc, and explain what to look for how to achieve et cetera. It's great to give you an idea, and if i am correct they explain alot on tools and stuff. I must say Gimp has a great community that has a lot of tutorials. And if you want to try out inkscape (vector graphics I use that for most buttons /logo's and stuff 90% of my websites grafics) have a look here: http://screencasters.heathenx.org/ awesome detailed videos. Hopefully you appreciate this although it's not photoshop. And the best thing it's free, and it seems you arent that bound to photoshop yet -but i can really recommend those 2 above, easy to find tutorials, and inkscape will be a new addiction ones you get the hang of it and great for making sprites
  5. IOK i fixet it i went to config inc and i saw the following: $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = ''; //i filled the ' ' with my password Cheers this one is solved wamp sure looks cool ty!
  6. I just installed it and it looks awesome. One thing i did though was change the password for root, but now phpmyadmin doesn't allow access lols. I tried to change it back to empty, but that had no effect. anyone an idea? or how to allow a newly created user to it's own phpmyadmin? or how to use a password. the link it uses goed directly to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and results in an error log in. no inputfields or anything for phpmyadmin Any help is welcome
  7. Thanks for the help guys. Good to hear it is easy Its only for local testing no big plans for running a hosting company CHeers!
  8. Hi all, i am used to xampp, since it is very easy to install, but i thought lets test something new so i thought i give wamp a try. Anyone have thought about that? (also because pretty much every forum someone says xampp sucks) Would love to hear from you guys
  9. HA thanks Rknjak, IE tester sure loves to crashcertain tabs. But it was the first one i found that could show how some people view websites I'll certainly have a look at that other piece of software. Thanks!!
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had a quick fix for this. Sometimes when i select text on a website the text moves a bit. I must say this occurs in IE-tester. so it could be maybe be IE tester. but i have no idea. I am not sure if anyoneknows a good fix, of if you want to see my markup, but this is what i got. body { text-align: justify; } p, strong { line-height: 1.5em; margin: 0 0 1.3em; }
  11. That's the best i can give, just use pen and pencil and watch it as if it were a lecture, footagee is a bit oldschool, but the ideas are still the same
  12. Hi kcotter, i don't think you will end up having something that works as good as you want if you have complety no idea about the logic of a relational database. If you like i can look up some videos for you and link it, it's a complete lecture on how to setup a good database structure. Right now you will just make tables not knowing what it will bring in the end. -Edit: here you are, after you have seen these, get a pen and pencil and write down the relationships:
  13. I am not sure if you mean this but pregmatch could do the job. edit: oh no i am incorrect you want additional stuff sorry
  14. if it's an integer i am pretty sure you don't need those " " around it either. if ($x == 1) { echo 'x is 1'; }
  15. woohoo i just made something awesome i think and it works. is this the right way? i put this in the <head></head> <style type="text/css"> #wrapper{display:none;} </style> <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#wrapper").fadeIn("slow"); }); </script> <noscript><style type="text/css">#wrapper{display:block;}</style></noscript>
  16. no not those annoying things, pretty much like google does, all white and than fades in pretty fast. It's just that i really don't like pages as if it is being build up, certainly in a browser like opera it looks like it consists of bricks. So it's no reall splash page, but just a small effect to show all at the same time. (preferable with a little fade in like 0.4 ms) I just stumbled upon jquery, can you recommend that?
  17. hehe well i thought if i can do that, i can maybe add a cool effect of subtile fade in or something. But if you have good suggestions i happy to hear it. I just never work with javascript lol
  18. Hi all, i was wondering if there is a good/ better way to show the website, when it is fully loaded. I read this article: http://javascript.about.com/library/blanim02.htm and they come with 2 methods: wrap some object in a div with an id and set it to display:none in css. after that they differ: method 1does: <body onload="setObjVis('myobj','visible');"> second one does function start() { setObjVis('myobj','visible'); } window.onload = start; since the article is fairly old i was wondering if these methods are still good or if there is a better method of doing this. What i thought was wrap everything in a wrapper div and apply the above. Love to hear from some expert
  19. ah i see, maybe have a look here, it's a wiki about character sets. I am not sure, but maybe you have to but this somewhere in the header of your website. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_encoding
  20. Yeah i have read the manual, that's where i discovered this. But i thought without using the optional part they would be pretty much the same, but it seems i missed the word 'and'
  21. the above exactly. except for the word would, that should be wouldn't
  22. the stuff htmlspecialchars() does you can only see in the source of the page, not when actually looking at it in the browser. So people can use < > etc but it would do any harm Test it out and look in your source.
  23. it's a pretty awesome library that works out of the box.
  24. htmlpurifier allows pretty much everything
  25. Yep it must be my windows machine maybe in combination with php version. Just tested it on a linux system and all was good. Thanks again Pikachu! rests me to throw my windows comp out of the window
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