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  1. Have you tried: include_once "../directory/rewrite.php";
  2. try <?php echo $row['image_location'];?>
  3. For one thing I'm gonna sick her on you. One way flight to Belgium. I decided instead of teaching her code, I'm going to teach her to use dreamweaver.
  4. My wife wants me to teach her how to build web pages. What is a good place to start? Any quality tutorials out there so I don't talk over her head?
  5. So should I use Zend Studio with Zend framework? I'd prefer an IDE that was familiar with the context I was using.
  6. if(preg_match("/^[ a-zA-Z]+/", $_POST['name'])){ You need to change the above to: if(preg_match("/^[ a-zA-Z0-9]+/", $_POST['name'])){
  7. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=usb+wireless+video+out&cid=17768378946718064894&ei=wVAxTLCXF5OgjgSBy9jSDg&sa=title&ved=0CAcQ8wIwADgA#p yes.
  8. I almost didn't wait long enough. "Elizabeth, you can come out now"
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I have always done everything myself and am never going to get to a new level without using a framework. I absolutely am looking for a glue framework. I'm thankful I asked before learning Yii wasn't what I wanted. I had someone on public transit say they were using something like Komodo (but not Komodo, thats the IDE), or something that started with a K, but I haven't found any frameworks that start with a K. I think I'll begin with Zend. I'm sure I'll regret it
  10. Finally giving in and deciding to build off what others have crafted in lieu of developing everything from scratch. So, I need a framework. I have biases and opinions that are probably not factually based, so I ask others experienced with frameworks: Which is the best framework for an experienced PHP developer to use? I think I'm leaning towards Yii (maybe) or Zend. Please advise. This is not for professional developing, just my own fancy along the way.
  11. Your MySQL conditon doesn't make any sense. $expquery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE exp='$exp' AND level='$newlevel'"); Since $exp and $newlevel aren't set to anything, the query will return the rows that have exp='' and level='' I think you want this: $expquery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE id='{$userid}'";
  12. If you only want one, you can do "SELECT DISTINCT" but you want the duplicates because they result from 2 items from the same manufacturer. What you want is to extend the details of the select (such as adding product short description). If you want them ordered, append to your query: ORDER BY col_name [ASC | DESC]
  13. Good song. I am willing to bet that the media player isn't attached to a publicly facing server. I'd bet you are using localhost for this. Throw http://localhost:8181/1.0/?method=player.getNowPlayingData into your browser window to make sure you get the xml out. Then fix your problem and replace: <span datasrc="music" datafld="artist"></span> with: <span datasrc="#music" datafld="artist"></span>
  14. You can do date comparisons in MySQL. SELECT * FROM site_reviews ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 10 Would need a WHERE clause as: WHERE DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 7 DAY) <= date or for timestamps: WHERE date > (NOW() - 604800) And you would just divide the constants by 7 to get the appropriate daily.
  15. Well, you can always use your last solution in php by utilizing exec()
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