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  1. The wording is ambiguous, My question could be relating to an already existing app Now that i am aware i will refrain from asking these sorts of questions.
  2. Hi guys, recently encountered an issue were i go to uni and i need a program that lists a name number and details in a list(preferably A-Z). I need the list to also allow ppl to add to the list. Anything like the exist in the php app world? Regards lqd
  3. I read somewhere, i think, that it is a headers issue. Also that is can be quite dangerous security wise.
  4. Hi guys, As a uni student i have to reference alot and my uni has its own prefered system. I would like to make referencing as easy as possible. http://library.scotch.vic.edu.au/research/biblios/ScotchBib/index.htm has a neat system that makes referencing quite easy. My question is how would i start the coding. When the form is sent all it does is string together the inputed text and numbers. What would this code look like and how could i display it in a 'Select All' Box?
  5. I think phpbb does have that....just have to find out how to use it.
  6. Thanks...i found the code i needed...ckeditor as quite wierd. the save button submits the form 2 haha
  7. Haha...its like a long over due april fools...but if anyone is interested i have lots of notes on derivatives.
  8. Just thought i would put my 2 cents in. Wolfram may be able to do what your talking about but i doubt a person without and indepth knowledge of derivatives will now whats going on. You have standard derivatives +-*/. Then you get equations that attempt to get a value close enough to the real derivative, taylor and maclaurine series. Then you get laplase transforms that require you to change the values to something else then change them back again. I have alot of notes on this on my website if you are keen h1vem1nd.org. I got 93% for uni maths last semester and can assure you unless there is a magical inbuilt feature in php, this is going to be a nightmare for you. Just deriving Sin(2x3) can be a mission if you dont know where to start. So hit up the notes i have and see if they help.
  9. Thanks for that. Prior to reading this i managed to work out the form part. It all works well now. But my output file save.php is quite plain. How would i wrap it in PHPBB headers and footers?
  10. Hi guys, i currently have a page in my phpbb that has the CKEditor on it. Below is the editor.php <?php define('IN_PHPBB', true); $phpbb_root_path = (defined('PHPBB_ROOT_PATH')) ? PHPBB_ROOT_PATH : './'; $phpEx = substr(strrchr(__FILE__, '.'), 1); include($phpbb_root_path . 'common.' . $phpEx); // Start session management $user->session_begin(); $auth->acl($user->data); $user->setup(); if ($user->data['user_id'] == ANONYMOUS) { login_box('', $user->lang['LOGIN']); } page_header('Editor'); $template->set_filenames(array( 'body' => 'editor.html', )); make_jumpbox(append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}viewforum.$phpEx")); page_footer(); ?> And here is the HTML page editor.html <!-- INCLUDE overall_header.html --> <script type="text/javascript" src="/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script> <textarea name="text1"></textarea> <script type="text/javascript"> CKEDITOR.replace( 'text1' ); </script> <!-- INCLUDE jumpbox.html --> <!-- INCLUDE overall_footer.html --> I would like to submit the info from the textarea to a file called announce.txt. Could anyone help me out with this?
  11. Installed it on xampp and it is just what i needed. How do i implement it on a page and can i make it post to a txt file.
  12. Thanks alot. I downloaded it. Ill try it tomorrow. Looks like what i need
  13. Hi guys, Im looking for a site or perhaps source i could download that makes html code that i can insert into my site. Something automatic just like the one for the phpbb with its bbcodes. Anyone know anything that sounds like this?
  14. I enjoy it quite alot. From the quick once over i gave it i couldnt see any issues. Other that the fact that if a section didnt have an item the table still appeared. I would sort that out.
  15. Looks really nice. Its both clear and in my opinion non-cluttered to the point where i couldnt be bothered reading the text. My Critique: 1] Change MediaSofa logo to the correct and correlating orange used elsewhere in your site. i.e. The search button. 2] Justify your text so it sits better on your page. Nothing worse than sentences that end mid sentence or don't go all the way to the end. 3] Don't use the word bespoke in place of custom or custom made. Its annoying, makes you sound like a stooge. Custom made sounds better in any case. Other than the three above, i have no other issues. Perhaps just a suggestion. Make your portfolio pics a bit larger.
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