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  1. Wordpress guidance work available (looking to hire) I am looking for someone to do a little bit of guidance for me on how to strip wordpress down to bare minimums. I'm not sure how long the work will last, but before I hire someone, they will be required to answer 8 simple questions regarding the PHP language so I can assess their skill level. That will determine for me if they have the ability to do the work I need done. if you are interested in this work, send me a message here. thanks. Adam
  2. per the title, I have 5 sites that need to be modified. If you have ever coded in wordpress or used any admin tool offered by a 3rd party, it will probably be very simple work. Is anyone here interested in this? thanks. Get back to me here or in a PM if you would like to talk. Adam (I realize that the guidelines here say to include contact info for me, but I'm not willing to post that publicly. a PM to me through this board is sufficient to begin)
  3. has anyone here ever seen these 2 sites? IP DENY https://www.ipdeny.com/ TOR EXIT NODES https://check.torproject.org/torbulkexitlist with regard to the former, the domain has one page per country I believe. so, you can get listings for like say, China and Russia on these 2 pages: China: https://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries/cn.zone Russia: https://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/data/countries/ru.zone my question to folks here is, would this information be useful to me? I am putting together some website content that I do not want everyone in the world to see. An
  4. thanks guys. req, can you give me any insight into the %age of what web apps being used by companies set timeouts inside of cookie files that sit on a client vs. those that use sessions or any type of "pointer code" in a client cookie file to read server data and detect the timeout expiration? which method is more common and why? or is this just one of those pointless arguing topics that software developers go back and forth with forever only to end up in a draw? 😃
  5. can anyone tell me how to modify a timeout for a web app when logged in? Here are the known specs: => there is no session hash in the URL when logging in. => default timeout for no transacting activity is 5 minutes. I really have no way to know if the timeout is located in the local cookie or stored in the web app [session] itself. It's a large PHP application that I'm referring to. and before anyone asks, no it's not a hacking attempt. This is simply an attempt by me to stop this little annoyance. I realize that a lot of people do this sort of thing for security reasons. Als
  6. probably because I'm a hesitant moron who, for some reason, doesn't just ""jump in and do it"". and you've answered the question just fine. thanks much. enjoy your day, Mr. Administrator. 😃
  7. hey @requinix, I know you and I have talked about this before but I just want to clarify this issue. Sadly, I have produced very few websites that have made use of dynamics in the form of database querying. But, the next project that I'm looking at will require it. The last thing I did with a query string involved the recording of downloads of file on a website. and on the page, I had this code: The archive is located here: <a href="dl.php?f=archive.zip">archive.zip</a> and the ''dl'' page had this code: if(!$_GET['f']) error('Missing parameter!'); $stmt =
  8. well I guess I could ask them, but obviously google has no phone numbers, so I would have to post a question on the gmail forum. and unfortunately, those folks don't know much. and I think the reason is because they don't work for google technically. I think one of the responders there once told me that they are volunteers. just a little less important than microsoft's independent advisors? (sorry, everyone has value). but I've had unknowledgeable experiences with the MS ""advisors"" too. =(
  9. I understand req, but all 5 accounts were mine. and all of them had user information (account name) as "Adam" + [Last Name]. the ones I'm talking about that showed the message, more than likely, had never gotten a message from the email address I put in the PHP header. is that why, I suppose? that's gmail's default suggestion to typical users?
  10. req, I have inserted all of the records into the DNS that I need to, aside from the DKIM. that fixed most of the issues when the PHP code sends the mail to gmail email servers. however, there is still a little ""question mark"" on the upper left corner when the message is opened in gmail. but the user doesn't get a message about suspicion unless he/she hovers the mouse over the question mark. so that is OK with me. what bugs the heck out of me though, is that for instance, I have 5 different gmail accounts and I ran a test.....sent mail using PHP with a valid ""from"" address and
  11. thank you very much for all of this information, giz. I will take it and learn greatly from it.
  12. understood. trust me, requinix, most godaddy agents don't know $hit. a lot of them are very young kids, just given the buttons to click and given a title that makes them sound intelleagible. but then again, all hosting companies do that. they hire the same way, and give those people only certain sets of knowledge. but isn't that most corporate structures? 😃 I will do the work myself, and if I have to, I will call godaddy ''x'' times to get the right guy on the phone who has been there for years. there are many and they've been around the block. thanks again. enjoy your weekend.
  13. point taken, mr. administrator. I value your advice, always. I will take it and make good use of everything you said. but according to GoDaddy, the DKIM concept is only sold by specific email providers. they do not offer that concept as an integratable feature with their products. so I will run some tests using SPF first and see how that goes. I will let you know here if that seems to fix the issue or not. thanks again.
  14. OK, so all email messages that are sent from GoDaddy shared servers are sent from a servercname called "secureserver.net". Is that what you're telling me that I should put in that statement argument? I would assume if I did that, it would act just like an email coming from a client owned by GoDaddy, as if I actually pushed a "send" button. like with their "webmail" accounts. correct? I'm not sure if the secure server name has any other junk attached it when sending email. would that be the case do you think? I don't think there's anyway to find that one out. I may have actually put a s
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