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Found 3 results

  1. I have php code that uses mp3 audio files stored in a database for the user to listen to. The page loads and the audio controls work and the files play on a desktop and laptop just fine. When trying to play a file on an android or IPhone, when you press the play (or any other control) nothing happens. It acts like the page is static. There is a home button on the webpage and it works so I know the page is interactive. Below is the code. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. <?php $sermons = $database->select("sermon","*");; foreach( $sermons as $sermon ) { $audio_file = 'http://xxxxxxx.com/sermons/'.$sermon['file_name']; $player = "<audio id='sermon_'$sermon[id] controls> <source src='$audio_file' type='audio/mpeg'> <source src='$audio_file' type='audio/mp3'> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio>"; echo "<tr> <td>$sermon[sermon_date]</td> <td>$sermon[title]</td> <td>$sermon[speaker]</td> <td>$player</td> </tr>"; } ?>
  2. I want to build a online "app builder" project that users can create android / iphone applications online without any coding knowledge. These sites are very common in market. They offer onclick app builder. I have skill in development of web applications using php frameworks. My question is How we can generate android apk from our server after getting the necessary information from user? (Appname, icon, packagename etc) PHP can do this entire task?, if yes any framework for that? Can you give me some basic tips to generate apk from our server? Can we genrate both android and iphone app from one single code? What are the requirements needed for the server? Anybody having skills in these areas, please help me. I need basic tips to get started this project. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here and i'm also new with coding in PHP. I have written one Restful Api based on one tutorial and i need Restful Api for connecting my Android application to server. I need some help with making this to work. I need to update user details. This is the code i'm using: class DbHandler { public function updateUser($id, $name) { $stmt = $this->conn->prepare("UPDATE users SET name = ? WHERE id = ?"); $stmt->bind_param("is", $id, $name); $stmt->execute(); $num_affected_rows = $stmt->affected_rows; $stmt->close(); return $num_affected_rows > 0; } } This is preparation statement for updating a existing user. Now here is a fragment of code from index.php where i'm calling all methods: $app->put('/user/:id', 'authenticate', function($id) use($app) { verifyRequiredParams(array('name')); global $id; $name = $app->request->put('name'); $db = new DbHandler(); $response = array(); $result = $db->updateUser($id, $name); if ($result) { $response["error"] = false; $response["message"] = "User updated successfully"; } else { $response["error"] = true; $resopnse["message"] = "User failed to update. Please try again"; } echoRespnse(200, $response); }); When i try to send request, i'm getting only this: { "error": true } Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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