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Found 2 results

  1. Are either of these OK depending on circumstance or stupid things I should never do? Is one or the other sensible/idiotic? Is there an obvious 'better' way? I think all the php tags opening and closing within the DIVs is untidy but it's static HTML therefore if there's a LOT of it it's easier on the server right/wrong? On the other hand, maybe all the open/close of php tags defeats the object. I'm applying for a web design apprenticeship (I know, I need one) so I'm trying to appear less stupid as much as make nice php. Many thanks in advance, I know I'll end up better off by asking here <?php // php in here ?> <div class='content header'> <?php include("includes/header.php"); ?> </div> <div class='content content1'> <?php include("includes/intro.php"); ?> </div> <div class='content content2'> <?php include("includes/quals.php"); ?> </div> <div class='content content3'> <?php include("includes/experience.php"); ?> </div> <div class='content content4'> <?php include("includes/hobbies-and-interests.php"); ?> </div> <?php // More php here ?> Or this one: <?php print("<div class='content header'>"); include("includes/header.php"); print("</div> \r\n <div class='content content1'>"); include("includes/intro.php"); print("</div> \r\n <div class='content content2'>"); include("includes/quals.php"); print("</div> \r\n <div class='content content3'>"); include("includes/experience.php"); print("</div> \r\n <div class='content content4'>"); include("includes/hobbies-and-interests.php"); print("</div> \r\n"); ?> test.zip
  2. hackalive

    css nesting

    Hi guys, I saw this in some CSS ages ago and cannot remember where so cannot remember how it goes exactly ... but i'd like to do somehting like this with my css: <htmi id="something"> <style> #something { h1 { } } #other { h1 { } } so if anyone know how it works or how to make it work thatd be great! cheers
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