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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody! i got a big problem. i know just html and i would need help of you all guys. i need to create php script, where i gonna generate 4 text fields at once by clicking on "+" sign. every of text fields gonna have another name, that would showed in mail. theres attachment what i mean: orange coloured font contains fields filled out by customer. red coloured font are the names of inputs. ______ in second image is result what happens, if the customer clicks on "+" sign: Photo nr., A3, A4, Another size fields are appeared at once. the order number is changed, the names are changed (from photonr_1 to photonr_2 etc..) so if the customer click on sign 20 times, it shows 20 lines. the last line changes number to 20. THEN Customer "Timothy" clicks on Send and i get the mail that it look like that: Mail Subject: Order - Timothy Robins Message in mail: 1. 1234 Print: A4 x 5, A3 x 2, Other: 3x 15x18mm 2. 5678 Print: A3 x 1, Message:example, example, example, example, example, ______ There are missing lines like Message or A4 because it wasnt filled out. So my question is: is something like that possible to create? I have no idea how to do it..
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to start using plogger as a way of organising a number of photos. However there a number of photos or images even that have been created with Adobe and are either PSD or EPS format (correct if I'm wrong). I know how to make it so plogger recognises them and uploads them, but there are no thumbnails and there is no way to view the file whatsoever, Is there a way either to code Adobe compatibility so that images are displayed, or is it possible to code in something along the lines of me being able to add thumbnails myself so that at least people know what they are viewing? Another bit which is not as important is how would I go about adding a download button within the big thumbnail section when people look at the image right before opening the full file? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm trying to update the info of a record without overwriting what's already there. The database keeps track of donations. Every time someone gives a donation, I want to update their record to keep track of all the donations they've given. In my limited experience with updating a record, I only know how to replace or modify the data. However, I want to just add to it in such a way that will allow me to perform math functions and show a total of their total giving history. MYSQL 5.5.33 PHP: 5.2.17 Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Beck
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