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Found 3 results

  1. I have created a phone number as Buddypress Profile field. I need to check that no two or more user accounts share the same phone number. My query below is not enforcing the restriction. I need help to resolve this. function bp_phone_number_validate() { global $bp; global $wpdb; // check if phone number is in use $result=$bp->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {$bp->profile->wp_bp_xprofile_data} WHERE value = '{$_POST['field_2']}' GROUP BY id;"); if($result > 0){ $bp->signup->errors['field_2'] = __( 'Phone number is already in use.', 'buddypress' ); } } add_action( 'bp_signup_validate', 'bp_phone_number_validate');
  2. Good day, I have a limited understanding of php. I have been working on creating a community using buddypress/wordpress for 6 months now. I have overcome very many obstacles. However there is one obstacle i have been stuck on for months now. My community would be similar to a link submission site. I want links posted to be voted on daily, i want the links ordered from most voted to least voted. I want the vote count to refresh every 24 hours. I found a solution here: http://bavotasan.com/2009/simple-voting-for-wordpress-with-php-and-jquery/ This solution works, but it does not refresh every 24 hours. As far as i can tell, all i need to do is add a simple code to vote.php or functions.php? Any ideas?
  3. Browser Issues : Safari and FireFox not displaying correctly Safari – Not displaying at all Firefox – ALignment issues? Can someone please help? http://tinyurl.com/ltth2sa
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