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Found 3 results

  1. i want to display 'Welcome userid!' after user has successfully logged in. I managed to display it after successfully logged in, but when the user key in the wrong userid and password, the 'Welcome userid' is also displayed. What should i do about it? Below are my coding: login.html processLogin.php index.html
  2. We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting?? , please help
  3. $subtotal = $row[0]; $delivery = $row[1]; $discount = $row[2]; $vatrate = $row[3]; $totalex = str_replace(",","",$subtotal) + str_replace(",","",$delivery); $vatamount = ($totalex - $discount) * ($vatrate/100); $vatamount = number_format($vatamount, 2, '.', ','); $total = $row[4]; $centinel_total = $total * 100; $centinel_delivery = $delivery * 100; $centinel_vatamount = $vatamount * 100; I've got a custom written cart system which for some reason is not passing the correct amounts to our 3D secure processor (Cardinel commerce). I'm not a programmer but looking at how it seems to work I think the issue is with this code. From the processor logs we are passing the tax value with a negative amount and the total is always £1 when the total is above £1000. It all works fine as it should if the total amount is LESS than £1000! Anyone got any ideas what's going on? I'm more than happy to pay someone to fix this!!
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