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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not getting this right to using loadbar images etc.. In PHP 5.3 this code work right on apache server, but when I moved lighttpd webserver and updated php version to PHP 5.5 and code not working anymore. Code: http://pastebin.com/CbacyW3L Any ideas?
  2. Hey everyone, This is probably an odd request/question. I was recently searching for a website that offers a free SMS bomber so I could spam my girlfriends phone for a few hours. I found one(didn't work) and on their page they have an interesting feature. The webpage is http://www.clamtxt.com/ In the top left there is a message that says "Page Load: Complete" or "Page Load: Loading" depending on if the page is fully loaded or not. Can this be done by PHP? I know they are not doing this via javascript(as far as I can honestly tell) since when I inspect the element(chrome) it shows up as plain HTML <div class="black btn" style="color:gray" align="center">Page load status: <b id="statusc"><font color=green>Complete</font></b></div> Thanks for any replies. Also I'm a bit tired so I may have missed some javascript that changes the innerHTML of the element. I will look at the code again but any replies are thanked. EDIT ::: Upon further inspection(inspecting the element and clicking links) it appears that when it changes from "Complete" to "Loading" the html changes as well. Javascript cannot change source code so this has to be a server side code.
  3. I have a function called after some data and the function is given below:- now the problem here is that at the #vote replace the color of the text is not assigned as it should be from where it is loaded I.e it is not red and not as the font size it should be. sorry this could be simple but not getting it. I have also tried to give .css to vote but it is still not applying that function attach() { var id="<?php echo $_REQUEST['id'];?>"; var state="<?php echo $_REQUEST['state'];?>"; $.ajax({ url: "petition_details.php", data: {id:id,state:state} }).done(function(result){ $("#spprt").replaceWith($(result).find("#spprt").html()); $("#vote").replaceWith($(result).find("#vote").html()); //The problem is here $("input[type=text]").val(""); $("textarea").val(""); if($("#ttt").text()=="You supported it before") { $('#ttt').css({'background-color':'#FFCC00','font-size':'16px','border-style':'none'}); } else if($("#ttt").text()=="Thank you for your VOTE") { $('#ttt').css({'background-color':'#00FF00','font-size':'16px','border-style':'none'}); } }); }
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